There is a workaround for Warzone 2 friend invite error

Warzone 2.0 is better with friends.

Warzone 2.0 is better with friends.
Image: Activision

New Call of Duty A battle royale might be about teaming up with friends to take on the bad guys, but Warzone 2′The social tab s currently prevents you from doing this. The tab is for you to see all your friends logged in. Warzone 2.0 and invite them to team up, no matter what platform they’re on, but it’s currently so broken that you can’t even scroll through your friends list.

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At least that’s what I (and many other players) found yesterday after Warzone 2.0launch. I jumped in after work to send out invitations to every person I’ve ever played. war zone with in an attempt to get a full squad of quads, only to be repeatedly loaded back to the main screen after trying to scroll through it. Disappointing as a single queue Call of Duty it’s like playing dice, except that if you lose, homophobic, sexist, and racist slurs will be thrown into your head.

Here's the warzone 2.0 friend invite workaround you've been looking for.

Here’s the warzone 2.0 friend invite workaround you’ve been looking for.
Screenshot: Activision / Kotaku

There is a workaround as first pointed out by someone on redditbut unfortunately you have to deal with Warzone 2.0confusing user interface (which is the same as Modern Warfare 2confusing user interface). Go to the top right corner of the main menu and click on the headphone icon, which is the Channels button. There will already be a channel for your own party, which should be only you (indicated by the inscription “1/32” next to “Party”). Click on it, select “Invite to Channel” and go to this friends list to invite anyone.

Keep in mind, however, that the party leader will have to select the “Leave with the party” option when abandoning the game or they will leave the party. If someone in your group leaves on their own, they may have trouble re-joining. KotakuClaire Jackson reveals her friend had to reboot Warzone 2.0 after accidentally turning down a party because she couldn’t invite her back.

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