There is a new update available for Stardew Valley In Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the incredibly popular agricultural and social week Stardew Valley received a new patch. Beat the game until Version

As noted by the creator, ConcernedApe, it fixes some bugs and crashes, and this “notorious mummified bat” …

This latest update follows on from the release of Version in early March – which solved the following problems:

– Solve the problem where the ground or floor in some areas appear solid blue.
– Correct resolution where UI appears offset on zoom settings other than 100%.

U the last major update for the game was 1.5 – addition of a new farm, split-screen and even more (it was launched in February this year). While it looks like minor updates will continue, now there isn’t they seem to be anything else bigger than expected.

Stardew Valley

Do you still enjoy Stardew Valley on a regular basis? Have you tried the latest version? Tell us below.


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