The video game industry pledges its support to the beleaguered people of Ukraine

Image: 11 Bit Studios

Several video game studios and publishers are pledging their support to the people of Ukraine as Russia continues to invade the neighboring country.

Polish company 11 bit Studios has announced that it will donate all profits from its anti-war survival game This War of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross over the next seven days.

Over the next week, “all proceeds from This War of Mine, all of its DLC, across all stores and across all platforms, will go to a special fund. A week later, this money will be transferred to the Ukrainian Red Cross to directly support the victims. wars in Ukraine.

The studio said in a statement:

Let this message resonate with everything you know about this war and how war kills people, devastates their lives and homes. Let’s – players and developers together – do our best to support the victims of the war in Ukraine.

California independent publisher and developer of Crytivo, which manages Online Store for digital games announced a similar initiative:

In support of Ukraine, we will donate all the profits of our store for this month (February) and next month (March) to the Ukrainian Red Cross to support the victims. We will also provide our employees in Ukraine with paid leave until they can reach a safe location or until the situation improves enough to allow them to work in a safe environment.

Gameloft, which has offices in the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Lviv, also issued a statement:

Witcher CD Projekt Red also added their voice:

Publisher has announced that it will donate 100% of its profits from all Cyber ​​Protocol sales in March to a charity supporting Ukraine:

RedDeer.Games is an international studio where we share common values ​​- respect for other people and international cooperation, despite divisions and cultural differences.

Today, the eyes of the whole world are turned to the armed conflict in Ukraine. War and aggression are evils that we condemn. We are against them, regardless of whether they occur near us or on the other side of the globe. We have decided that 100% of the profits from the March sales of our game “Cyberprotocol” – the very first game of our studio, which we are proud of, will be donated to a fund chosen along with the players to help people under attack and occupied Ukraine.

In addition, RedDeer created 15 job offers for Ukrainians migrating from their country to Poland.

Crunching Koalas, publisher of Ruiner and Project Warlock, made their own statement:

This story has been updated several times to reflect the increase in support from the gaming industry.

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