The Valheim mod allows you to fight wolves with both hands in VR

Valheim released in Early Access in February, and has already mods on a terrifying scale. One such mod is VHVR on Nexus Mods. The unofficial VR mod was recently updated to let you play the survival game with motion controls, so now Valheim players can fight a wolf with their real bodies, if that’s what their heart desires.

For players less interested in punching, the updated control group also includes the precise bow to the movement, and, quote, “Fishing :)” With multiplayer support, I really like the idea of ​​kicking back and forth. to catch some fish with some friends, honestly. “Motion tracking is translated via multiplayer, so you can greet your friends (or any other lewd hand gesture you prefer).” Gestures, I imagine, like “come here, so I can slap you with a fish and challenge you to a chess duel. ‘Everything looks fine to me.

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