The upcoming 2D platformer Onion Assault pays homage to Super Mario Bros. 2

Bertil Hörberg, the Swedish game developer who brought us the modern classic Gunman Clive for the 3DS, recently showed off Onion Assault, the upcoming platform game that pays homage to Super Mario Bros. 2.

Based on the trailer above and additional footage from Herberg’s tweet below, the game focuses on the ability to jump on enemies’ heads and lift beggars into the air before throwing them at anything. This also applies, of course, to various items that you happen to encounter along the way, including, you guessed it, onion. Also, can we talk about how the leaves sway to the music? Delicious!

The game may have been out of your sight until now, as it seems that Hörberg handles almost every aspect of its development and release solely, citing previous tweet that leading a team has previously led to burnout. Having said that, the game is still the end result of a collaborative effort, with artwork directed by Daniel Ribera Olsen and Felicia Hellsten, and with music provided by Arne Hörberg.

Onion Assault was recently submitted for review on Steam and is currently on its way to release on Switch at January 2023. Based on the amazing gameplay shown in the trailer, this one is definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Is this the one you want to pick up in January? Let us know with a comment!

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