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When Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition launched last year, it was a disaster. Three of the most beloved video games of all time were officially re-released on modern hardware and not only looked like shit, but but also running. things were So bad, in fact, that rockstar had to offer fans some free games to make up for it.

Withsubsequent patches attempted to address some of these issues, but as this exhaustive review of games Digital foundry showsis there some more lot work left to do here.

Good news first: Rain is mostly normal now—as it should be after 15 bug fixes—and the layer of haze added after launch gives the game world the right sense of scale as you fly. Changes have also been made to some of the most egregious spelling errors on signage, as well as major issues around mission structure and collisions have been mostly fixed. Most importantly, games now run a lot smoother, especially in performance mode, which has everything practically locked at 60fps.

Now for the bad news. A lot of what looks bad in these games will never be fixed because these are ports of phone games and you can add a bit of polish by porting a game designed to run on iPhone to a system like PS5 or a modern PC. These are things like the overall look of the characters, which was perfect for low-res CRT TVs of the time, but looked strangely out of place in HD settings, and ambient lighting effects (such as muddy golden sunsets). custom Vice City and San Andreas which have been removed.

And while some characters have been fixed, many others remain misspelled, either as a result of Rockstar buying up localization work, or shift most of the work to AI scaling (which also has unresolved issues with wall textures and building signs). You can see examples of all this in action. in Digital Foundry video below:

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