The studio has created a petition to rework the original Mortal Kombat trilogy, which reportedly received Ed Boone’s blessing back in 2016.

Remakes and remasters continue to become more common every year, and as Mortal Kombat reaches 11 main entries, some fans are looking back at the series’ history, especially as its 30th anniversary approaches.

If it was before Eyeball, a game development studio that is working on several games, will be releasing a remake of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy for its 30th anniversary. In fact, the studio created a Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remake Petition on to get this theoretical ball as first reported by Nintendo life

“Next year marks 30 years of Mortal Kombat, and we would like to celebrate this amazing franchise by remaking the original Mortal Kombat Trilogy (MKT) on PC and consoles,” the petition reads. “MKT is a classic game that brings together all the characters from MK1, MK2, MK3 and UMK3. It also includes almost all the stages of these games. ”

Any studio can petition to remake a favorite game like this, but what makes this particular one interesting is that Eyeballistic claims to have gotten the backing of series creator Ed Boone for such a remake back in 2016. However, Warner Bros., which owns the Mortal Kombat IP, didn’t bite.

“Eyeballistic is a team of Mortal Kombat fans who, back in 2016, approached the creator of the series, Ed Boone, with a request to redo the game in HD,” reads the petition. “While Ed fully supported us, Warner Bros., which owns IP Mortal Kombat, was not convinced that the game would sell over 100,000 units worldwide, and so they decided it would not be worth the significant cost of marketing the product to sell.” …

The studio says it has grown a lot since 2016, signing multiple production contracts for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and Switch. He also refined his work on online rollback technology, which is very important to the fighting game community, with proprietary technology.

Regarding what to expect from this theoretical trilogy, Eyeballistic says it will use Epic Online Services to support cross-platform play across all platforms, and that the team is confident that its remake will be “welcomed. [fighting game community] scene including ComboBreaker and Evo. ”

“We planned to painstakingly recreate every detail of every stage and every character in stunning 3D,” reads the petition. “Of course, there will be all cases of death, cruelty, friendship and animal origin. Characters and scenes will be updated to 4K resolution and 60fps gameplay thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 5. We’ll even remake all the music to give it a modern cinematic sound using real instruments. ”

Eyeballistic says it targets PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Switch, and PC with a $ 39.99 price tag. The remake will include “everything from the original MK trilogy, plus standard online matchmaking and world leaderboards.” The petition targets 25,000 digital signatures – 17,156 at the time of writing – but ideally the studio would like to raise 100,000 before formally contacting Warner Bros.

While you wait to see if anything comes out of this petition, read our thoughts on the franchise’s latest game at Game Informer’s Review Mortal Kombat 11, then check out this story of how it surpassed 12 million copies sold worldwide. Read about how NetherRealm works with Mortal Kombat 11 and then working on a new game.

[Source: Nintendo Life]

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