The spirit and the mouse are squeaking on the switch very soon

Small animal lovers exploring cities at night are having a great time this summer as The Spirit and the Mouse is in hot pursuit. To roama game about a cat (but shouldn’t it be the other way around?).

Created by a tiny independent studio from Montreal, Canada, The Spirit and the Mouse is an action-adventure game that features Leela (a mouse) and Lumion (a ghost), an unlikely team that must work together to restore electricity to their village. The game is full of electricity based puzzles and friendship based stories and promises to be a touching experience. And if this all sounds a bit familiar, it might be because we featured the game in our Review of indie Nintendo Life back in April.

The Spirit and the Mouse will release on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 on September 26, 2022, alongside the PC release on Steam, Epic, GOG, and

Are you a mouse fanatic or do you prefer a keyboard? Let us know if The Spirit and the Mouse tickles your mustache in the comments below!

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