The Ramp Offers A Minimalist, Relaxing Approach To Skateboard Games


Despite what many skateboarding games would make you believe, the sport of real life is not just about collecting floating letters, accumulating points with an invisible combo system, or jumping on fire rings and other absurd stunts. It’s just about going with the flow and enjoying the ride. The Ramp, a new skateboarding title coming in August, offers a frills-free look on the genre that focuses on the inherent purity and fun that comes from simply skateboarding.

The Ramp is described as a “digital skateboard game” by creator and sole developer Paul “Hyperparadise” Schnepf. Jump on your board and pull out the tricks while relaxing in a relaxed soundtrack and a generally calm atmosphere. There’s nothing to unlock, you’re not marked, and, believe it or not, you don’t kill anything (except maybe some stress you bring). Just calm down and enjoy the soothing art direction and smooth animations. Hyperparadise describes the game of The Ramp as easy to understand but difficult to master, and the game features four levels: a half pipe, an empty pool, a skate bowl, and, for the title, an imposing ramp.


If The Ramp sounds like the perfect compliment to most skateboarding games based on the challenges you play, you can pick it up on Steam when it launches on August 3rd for $ 5.99.

Skateboard enthusiasts have been treated to a recent smorgasbord of titles from the arcade styles of Tony Hawk remasters 1 and 2, to tile realism like Session, to the open world approach of the upcoming OlliOlli World, and several indie games like Skatebird and SkaterXL. The Ramp’s minimalist approach helps it stand out from the pack. Assuming I play well, I can personally go after a game that is just about skating around and doing tricks in short bursts without any pressure in terms of performance.

What do you think of The Ramp? Do you find his approach stripped down to attractive skateboard games? Let me know in the comments

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