The Pokémon Company fights card shortage by printing 9 billion Pokémon cards

Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassle

You may have noticed a lot of stories over the past year or so dealing with Pokémon cards and scalpers. Extremely rare cards are being sold at absurd prices, and even Target stores in America are suspending card sales due to high demand and security.

The Pokémon Company has acknowledged these issues and the shortages that have affected demand, and yesterday Polygon reports that The Pokémon Company has responded by printing over 9 billion cards in the past 12 months. This is more than double the previous year’s 3.7 billion cards, and even more than the average of 1 to 2 billion cards. SerebiusJoe Merrick told Polygon).

To put this in even more context – because 9 billion is a lot of Between 2020 and 2022, more than a quarter of all Pokémon cards ever printed were printed during that period. Huge demand came at the same time as the onset of a global pandemic, which saw prices rise and inventories shrink, and The Pokémon Company struggled to keep up with demand.

Polygon spoke to Charlie Herlocker, a consultant for appraisal company CGC, who believes that The Pokémon Company is potentially flooding the market with collectibles to help drive prices down. And it works!

Pokemon collectible cards
Image: Nintendo Life

Harlocker also told Polygon that “Pokémon cards hit their peak in 2021 at six cents per card – any card was six cents just because there was so much demand. Now this price has satisfied. It’s like one cent and two of the biggest [bulk] customers don’t even buy.” Good news for those of you who collect Pokémon cards or play the Trading Card Game!

Do you play a Pokémon collectible card game? Has it become easier for you to take cards lately? Let us know about it in the comments!

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