The Pokémon Company Actually Claims Gay Rights

A still from the Pokémon Unite trailer showing many of the starting monsters in the MOBA.

Screenshot: TiMi / Kotaku

Pokémon Unite explodes right now, and with the new patch will appear on servers in early AugustMany players follow linked accounts for MOBA news. But the game is not being developed by The Pokémon Company or Game Freak, but by Chinese developer TiMi Studio Group. IN official Twitter account has been quite chatty lately, so one player wrote a popular meme encouraging them to talk about gay rights.

You’ve probably seen this before – just this week someone paid original Halo announcer to say trance rights… It has become common to ask celebrities to repeat this phrase, or variations of it, because the bar is so damn low that someone dares to say something as vaguely political as simple concept of equal rights for queer people seems like a victory for the community. Brands always say they are inclusive, but usually in the broadest sense. More often than not, the brands affiliated with Nintendo don’t say anything like politics.

But TiMi Group Studio did not receive a PR strategy memo here, and instead of ignoring the joke or simply typing “gay rights” for convenient Internet access points, its communicator replied: “Why? the rights of heterosexual players are equally important. ” The tweets have now been removed, although the screenshots show that the TiMi account provided a few more replies.

A conversation between a Pokemon Unite account and a pro-gay player.

Screenshot: Twitter / Kotaku

Although the messages were gone, after a few hours, the TiMi account explained that he had made a mistake.

Someone answered This suggesting that it mattered because not everyone is equal in society. To this TiMi Studio Group replied: “I learned a serious lesson.”

Meanwhile, the Pokémon Company has stated that it does not in any way approve of anything said by TiMi, and that, besides, it is going to … somehow deal with it. A Pokémon spokesperson told Kotaku that the company collecting monsters has nothing more to say on this topic, so there is no real idea of ​​how the situation will be resolved.

At The Pokémon Company International, we believe in a world that is fair and equitable and that each individual, employee and fan has unique skills, abilities and purpose to contribute to this common cause. As part of this, we honor the humanity of everyone and fully support the LGBTQIA + community.

Diversity, fairness and inclusiveness are the foundations of our culture of belonging, and our core value of honesty and respect emphasizes the importance of treating people with respect and compassion to create an open and trusting environment.

These statements are not consistent with our beliefs, culture or values ​​and are fundamentally wrong. We are working with our external partner to remedy the situation.

That’s all. Pokémon doesn’t support straights, all of you. Good on them.

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