The Plague of Blood Takes the State of Decay 2


The bloodbath tightened its grip State of Decline 2, creating new challenges for players to tackle, and introducing new reward attempts in Update 25.

The hearts of the plague are now surrounded by an area of ​​evil influence, known as plague territory. Bases and outposts in these spheres cannot be claimed until the heart has been defeated. However, the benefits outweigh the risks, since advanced outposts offer increased resources as well as additional community skills.

Advanced resource posts can be upgraded, compensating a player for abundant resources that would otherwise only be available at their base. Upgrade both times, and a player will unlock a valuable training resource for the skill.

Reference settings are iconic settings that occur only once on each map. Players who spend influence to reclaim these rare advantages receive their choice of one of three distinct strategic advantages.

The balance of advanced advancements versus plague territory introduces a greater sense of player progression through clear, visually guided goals and creates opportunities for a more strategic and personal game.

The 25th update also brings weapon exchange to the game, one of the most requested community features from our wish list, with three new hits worth 50 Gamerscore! Xbox gamers who complete one of the new hits will win Microsoft Rewards points. Log in to your console today to participate.


This update is available now for gamers on all platforms and included with Xbox Game Pass. For a complete list of features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes, see the patch notes at The Decline State Support website.

Together, we survive.

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