The perpetual cylinder evolved from a family

With new Anniversary Update from Eternal cylinder available today on Xbox, the unforgettable adventure part is evident. But there is also the main theme of the family. Your first family is the Trebhum herd. The family is also part of our history. Our studio, founded by three brothers, is called ACE Team = Andres, Carlos, Edmundo.

Games were part of our childhood. We were very passionate about co-op games as soon as it became an obvious option. I would say that we were very good at playing games together. Which I think was one of those things that worked out so well later on when we started working together; because we had such a team mentality for games, it worked very well for development when we shared tasks.

Our parents are very proud of the awards we receive. They always share it with family members. At the very beginning… they were very, I would say, intimidated by the prospect of a career as a game designer. It was not easy for them, because you have to understand that here in Chile there was no gaming industry at all, and the industry that exists now is tiny. So I can quite understand why there was a fear that we are getting involved in something that does not have serious prospects for life in the future. But we did it. Everything worked out in the end.

I don’t know which of the creatures in the game is the weirdest, but some of the designs were inspired by the biology books my father had at home. He had several books on classical art. Hieronymus Bosch was one of those artists you could find there – with all those weird crazy creature drawings from this very famous triptych that had a big impact on us. You could go through the pages of his books and look at photographs or illustrations of microbes. If you look at the Unifier in the game, it’s a virus. And I remember my dad, we asked him “what is this strange shaped microorganism” (he had such a long neck, a diamond-shaped head and these spider legs), he almost looked like a creature from a science fiction novel. Microbes aren’t animals, but some of Eternal’s craziest creatures may be more inspired by microbes than actual animals.


My kids are big dinosaur fans as kids – I was as a kid too. They love to see Eternal cylinder and all the weird little creatures we made up. But I would say that they are not as passionate about them as we were when we were kids. My boy has other interests. He loves programming and other things. As a child, I showed more artistic interest. It was different. I have older kids that appear in the end credits Eternal cylinder. Playing video games with kids can be a very rewarding experience. Especially cooperative games or games where you can help them. I think that there is really an opportunity to have a lot of fun.

The fact that families love this game was a little unexpected. I don’t think when we originally made the game, it was like “we’re going to make a game for kids.” Not that we wanted to make a game for adults. It always had to be what it is. But when people discover this game and see the reaction of my children, they keep asking me to play it and they always get very nervous when the cylinder starts to spin. I think it’s a good game because of Trebhum, definitely. Because they are cute and you can name them. I think it’s easy for kids to connect with little creatures and feel connected to them. For example, if I’m playing a game, my kids will focus on one particular Trebhum and ask me to call them by their proper names. And they get mad if those Trebhum don’t get the best mutations…or die. So, I have to play very carefully depending on whether they are present or not. But it’s a good game because of the puzzle solving. This allows parents to seek solutions together with their children. This is a very creative world that allows children to develop their imagination.

We are glad to see new Anniversary update is launching on Xbox and can’t wait for new families to enjoy two new wild creatures in it: Buddug Gropp and Gharukuk. It’s amazing what the community says they remind them of. There’s also a change to the Pyrogenic Trunk mutation that makes it more dangerous to mess around with the tiny Trebhum. We also have to play with our technology and add 4k resolution on the Xbox Series S and ray tracing as an option on the Xbox Series X, so it’s a win-win. We hope you have many special memories when you play alone or watch the game with your loved ones.

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“You were born on a dangerous planet. A surreal and fantasy environment teeming with exotic creatures beyond description. This world is both terrible and awe inspiring, it is full of wonders and secrets, but dangerous. But any dangers may seem pale. compared to the biggest threat in this world: The Cylinder. This giant ancient rolling structure crushes everything in its path. But where did she come from? And how to stop it? In this place, you are just a tiny creature called Trebhum. You may not be the fastest or strongest, but you have the most powerful ability: adaptation. What you lack in size you will have to make up for with improvisation and resourcefulness. So get ready, little Trebhum. Take your family on a perilous journey and save your world from the E inner cylinder.”

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