The Nintendo Switch online app now lets you switch between light and dark modes

Image: Nintendo

The latest update to the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app has been released, and while it’s tiny, it’s certainly useful.

While the app has always “been” in dark mode by default, this new update will allow you to switch between light and dark mode. This comes months after the company changed the entire layout and design of the service, and allowed you to copy and paste the Switch code.

To do this, all you have to do is go to “Settings” and select “Dark Mode” where you will be given the option to turn it on, turn it off, or let the app match your phone’s settings.

Here are the updates for the app from the Google Play Store:

– Now you can switch between light mode and dark mode. Note. Supported for Android 10 and later.
– Improvements have been made for performance and ease of use.

Screenshot of the Nintendo Switch online app from the Google Play Store
Image: Alana Haig

There was a bit of confusion around this with the web versions for both Apple and android stating that “dark mode support has been added”, which seems to suggest that it never existed. Or that people forgot that the app is always “dark”.

And, yes, apart from a little cleanup, this time it’s all for the app! llet us know if you are still using the NSO app below!

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