The new remake of Dead Space will only be in the next generation


This is not a drill: Dead space no longer dead in space. EA’s acclaimed sci-fi horror series is kind of reborn. The new game will indeed be a complete remake of the first game, as recent rumors suggest. EA announced news at the EA Play presentation today. It will appear on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Here’s the first trailer:

Rebirth of the long dead Dead space the franchise, led by EA Motive, has been in development for some time now, according to reports Eurogamer as well as Gematsu… Earlier this year, Games reported that a completely new recording will not be postponed in favor of a remake.

Dead space, developed by Visceral Games, came out in 2008. A sequel followed in 2011. The first two games were truly intense, terrifying horror games, and were well received as a result. Third game, Dead Space 3has deviated from his blood-curdling roots in favor of a more action-oriented premise, even involving cooperative play. It was fun. This was also not entirely true. “Dead space, ”At least for those who loved the first two and wanted the series to continue the tradition then established.


In 2017, four years after Dead Space 3 came out, EA turned off Visceral (who was then working on a clearly ambitious star Wars a game). Former Visceral VP Glen Scofield is currently heading a studio developing a new survival horror game. It is called Callisto Protocoland it’s set to … PUBG Universe. Yeah, why not?

BUT Dead space The remake is not all that surprising and fits well with EA’s new “Harnessing Nostalgia” strategy. Earlier this year, EA released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a bundled package containing updated versions of BioWare’s popular sci-fi series. Long sleeper To skate the series also returns with time. If the mega-publisher continues like this, maybe we’ll get a remake or even a worthy sequel to the underrated Insomniac novel. Fuse? Wait, no, where are you going!

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