The new Division 2 update unintentionally echoes the war in Ukraine

A woman with a grenade launcher looks at the burning building of the US Capitol.

Image: Ubisoft

During Russia’s ongoing and horrific invasion of Ukraine, the Russian armed forces seized and held various nuclear power plants located in the country. Unfortunately, but probably unintentionally, Ubisoft has revealed that a new mode is coming to the loot shooter. Division 2The upcoming Year 4 update tells how hostile military forces have taken over the nuclear power plant.

Your first question about all of this might be, “Hey, wait… Division 2 like dead? 2019 Division 2 has been in a strange place for over a year now. The game never closed even after it seemed to disappear. Instead, Ubisoft has delayed updates and new content, promising they have plans and will add more to the game over time… one day! At that time, Division 2 worked like a weird zombified version of the game with a live service, repeating old seasons and events, making many in the community bored.

So it might seem strange that Ubisoft isn’t screaming from the rooftops about this new mode and the long-awaited Division 2 Update. Even when it just started publishing update detailsUbisoft seemed to be wary of how it made things Mentioned in a community update posted March 30 that “in the light of current events in the world” at the time they were not going to share any details. Yesterday, Ubisoft finally revealed the specific details of the Year 4 update, explaining that it will introduce a new “Countdown” mode. In Countdown, eight players will work together to take back control of the nuclear power plant by completing tasks and killing enemies within a limited time. But if you haven’t heard of it despite this more specific announcement, it’s probably because the mode is too close to reality at the moment.

Less than 48 a few hours ago Russian troops finally left the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the invasion on 24 February. Meanwhile, two other nuclear power plants were captured by Russian troops from the beginning of the invasion, including Zaporozhye CHPP. As intense fighting continuesIn parts of Ukraine, Russia continues to bomb and destroy civilian buildings. Last week, large computer museum destroyed in Ukraineleaving homeless and his master. While all this is going on the death toll continues to rise as well as millions of people fled country, which led to an increase in the migration crisis.

What all this means is that, after delays and long periods of radio silence, Ubisoft hasn’t given much thought to its attempts to revive Division 2as you’d expect, even though the public test server on PC allows fans to try out the new mode.

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“A new mode called “Countdown” in Division 2 has been in development since early 2021,” Ubisoft said. Kotaku in a statement earlier today. “Like the main game, this mode is fictional and inadvertently related to today’s events.”

Ubisoft has always struggled trying to sell Division 2 as a serious game about war and power, and also tries (paradoxically) to keep it’s mostly separate from politics. The apolitical angle is presented to the public, although the game itself takes place in the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C., and includes a heavy-duty secret police force using military equipment to protect national interests and assets.

While the new update is currently playable on Division 2 test servers for select players, Ubisoft has yet to announce a release date for when the update will be available to all players on both console and PC.

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