The most powerful exotic in Destiny 2 received a controversial downgrade

The Destiny 2 Guardian launches Divinity on the Moon when it was at its most powerful.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity has been a mainstay of many players’ end-game content arsenals since its first introduction. back to Shadowkeep expansion in 2019. Yesterday, Bungie finally announced a long-awaited nerf to how powerful it is, and while many applaud the change, it also rekindled a months-long controversy originally fueled by one of the game’s best players.

There are two things that make Divinity an incredibly useful tool. per Destiny 2the hardest content like raids. First, it weakens enemies by 30 percent, allowing players to deal additional damage over an extended period of time. Secondly, it expands the critical hit area, allowing the entire team to hit with high damage even if they miss the target. As a result, Divinity is exotic for most activities, and even players who haven’t gotten a rare weapon yet have probably benefited from someone on the team using one.

So it’s no surprise that Bungie decided the Divinity recall was overdue. “We’ve been eyeing Divinity for a long time and have been testing a lot of changes in Season 19 over the past few months, bringing Divinity’s nerf down from 30% to 15%.” Destiny 2weapons team wrote in yesterday’s blog post announcing a number of upcoming balance changes. Here is an extended rationale for the developer’s decision:

We do not believe that Divinity in its current form is actually a balance issue, i.e. it is not necessarily too strong on its own. However, Divinity is incredibly dominant in the PvE endgame because it makes it easier to aim high-precision weapons and has an extremely high uptime to debuff. The most important issue is that Divinity giving 30% debuff sucks the air out of the room for all other sources of debuff (like Tether and Tractor Cannon) and we don’t want power creeping past Divinity to make them interesting.

TL;DR: Bungie wants players to use Destiny 2a complete set of weapons and abilities. Divinity has been crowding out other support abilities and equipment that perform similar functions, so Bungie has toned down its effectiveness to bring those other tools back into the game, such as the Hunter’s Harness and the Exotic Tractor Cannon. Like every major decision in Fate 2, however, this causes considerable outrage in some parts of the community.

The controversy goes back to the now infamous Twitter thread of a player named Saltagreppo, whose raid team is a three-time world champion (i.e. even among Destiny 2the best players, he is in his class). “The pistol is basically a must for most boss encounters, and it makes aiming a non-issue, which is very detrimental to the game for several reasons,” he said. wrote 8 September. Saltagreppo went on to say that the gun filled a skill gap in the end game content, and then went on to offer potential solutions, such as giving players the choice between higher damage or lighter critical hits. “The bottom line is that Div shouldn’t be both the best and easiest option,” he wrote.

The theme was not liked by some players who felt that it focused too much on the unique challenges of a very small percentage of elite players. They are not “bored” with Divinity. In fact, they really like how he quickly takes down some of the raid bosses that could otherwise lead to a night job ending in frustration. Constant voltage inside Destiny 2 is that some players like to feel overpowered, use broken builds, and tinker with the latest loot exploits. Others don’t. Especially those who like to participate in raid races and PVP modes like Trials of Osiris. The former group has long suspected that Bungie is spending too much time on maintenance Destiny 2top players and content creators who play dozens of hours a week.

So, as soon as Bungie announced the nerf, which, to be precise, quite softit seemed like proof to some players that Saltagreppo ruined the party for everyone else. However, the studio made it clear that this change was planned long before the Twitter discussion. “The Div change was planned before the heated social media debate started,” Destiny 2community leader tweeted yesterday. “You can give constructive feedback on Bungie, but don’t insult anyone in the community for having a different opinion.”

Players on Reddit shared clips from previous podcasts where the devs mentioned that problems with Divinity were already on their radar, even if they weren’t ready to announce any specific changes just yet. But that hasn’t stopped some from still trying to accuse Saltagreppo of being a nerf or just what it symbolizes. Destiny 21 percent in that maybe ongoing class war between different parts of society. Of course, if you have Divinity at all, let alone post it on a bulletin board, you are already part of Destiny 2elite. The weapon remains one of the hardest exotics to acquire, with multiple quest steps including finding hidden rooms in the Garden of Salvation raid itself. And even though this buff is coming later this year in Season 19, it’s still worth getting. It just won’t be as powerful as it has been in the last three years.

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