The Minecraft Deluxe Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch

In early February, Nintendo made a modest announcement on social media announcing the release of Minecraft: Deluxe Collection on Nintendo Switch.

This digital version of Minecraft will set you back $39.99 (or your local equivalent). It includes the base game, select downloadable content, 1600 Minecoins, six maps (including Super Mario Mash-up), three skin packs, a texture pack, five character creation items, and three emotes. Here’s the description (via

“Experience different ways to explore, survive and build in Minecraft with the Minecraft: Deluxe Collection! Browse endless community-created content on the Minecraft Marketplace, discover new playstyles with different maps, and express yourself with items and emotes to create characters. Collect with friends or prepare for a single player mission, you are ready for all the many ways to play Minecraft!

“The Deluxe Collection includes these additional content in addition to Minecraft: 1600 Minecoins; six maps (Super Mario Mash-up, Skyblock One Block, Hacker Tools, Pets Collection, Parkour Spiral and Original Bed Wars); three skin packs (Spy Mobs, Cute Anime Teens and Cute Mob Skins), one texture pack (Clarity), five character creation items, and three emotes.”

The Minecraft: Deluxe Collection was available on the Xbox Store and the Windows Store app last December. PlayStation also got it then. You can find out more about Minecraft: Deluxe Collection on the page official website of the game.

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