The Legendary Urshifu Brings Pokémon Unite Tomorrow Combat

Image: Nintendo Life

After a datamining back in September revealed that the next roster of Mon would join the Pokémon Unite roster, we feel like these discoveries have lost their sense of anticipation. Luckily, all the predicted monsters have gone out of the way, so what follows should be back to surprises (unless another leak happens, of course).

For now, at least, we can be excited to see the legendary Martial/Dark Type (or indeed Martial/Water Type) Urshifu making a surprise debut in Unite from tomorrow. December 1.

Yesterday there was news that the online Pokémon Slayer will be much more punchy with the addition of Urshifu, and today @PokemonUnite took to Twitter to share what this new “melee station wagon” would look like in combat.

Seeing Pokémon use their best moves against each other in the Unite Arena is one thing, but there’s something particularly hardcore about seeing this legendary swan before introducing your opponents to those fists.

Urshifu joins a group of fighters who entered the battle late, including Sabre, Zoroark, and all the other members of the data mined squad. With the leaks fixed, who knows what the future holds for Unite. We hope the game finds a rival with the same gangster vibe to match Urshifu’s energy!

What do you think of this latest addition? Make your way to the comments and let us know!

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