The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie Confirmed Next Summer, Limited Edition Revealed

Just a few days after we received the official release date for The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, NIS America has locked in a release date for the 10th game in the Trails/Kiseki series. Yes, you read that right – 10th. The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is coming Summer 2023 on Switch (and all other consoles) in the West!

Trails into Reverie follows three different story paths: one focuses on post-Cold Steel IV Rean Schwarzer, the second follows Zero and Azure protagonist Lloyd Bannings, and the third focuses on the mysterious new character “C”. The game is intended to serve as a proper conclusion to both the Crossbell arc and the Cold Steel arc.

In addition, NIS America has announced that we will be able to accept pre-orders for the Deluxe or Limited Edition of the game from October 27 at 12:00 Moscow time. Store NISA Europe.

Image: NIS America

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • The game
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Mini artbook
Trails into Reverie Limited Edition
Image: NIS America

The limited edition, as expected, is packed with extra goodies:

  • The game
  • Art book “Legends of Zemuria” in hardcover.
  • Soundtrack to the film “Songs of Dreams”
  • Novel “Three and Nine: A History of Trails”
  • Acrylic print “The End and the Beginning”
  • steelbook
  • collectible box

Sounds like a must-have collection for Trails fans. Not only that, but also today in 5:00 pm EST / 10:00 pm PST / 7:00 am EST (22nd)NIS America will host a panel of the game’s voice actors twitch. There will be eight voice actors from previous Trails games to answer questions from viewers. Breath of the Wild’s Sean Chiplock and Three Houses’ Robbie Daymond played Rean Schwarzer and Lloyd Bannings respectively in the Cold Steel games, so we’re wondering if they’ll be on the panel later today.

Trails to Azure releases March 14 in North America and March 17 in Europe. This means that Reverie will follow up for at least three months after that, anytime starting in June. But The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is also due out sometime in 2023. This means that next year will indeed be an exciting year for Trails fans.

Will you be collecting Trails into Reverie next summer? Want to see more Trails games on Switch? Let us know!

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