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Forged in the furnace of the Fire of the Fire as the embodiment of all that exists, Azaan the Eternal existed to see the rise and fall of countless reigns. He keeps a close eye on the Kingdom – an omnipresent guardian whose only mission is to keep the Kingdom free from the all-pervading influence of the Abyss. Not to be confused with a merciful and compassionate overseer: Azaan is neither friend nor foe, and his judgment will consume anyone who dares to stand in his way.

Recent events have put the Kingdom in grave danger – every day progressively infected with the Abyss, and therefore the Eternal descends from above to deliver the Kingdom a final warning: to destroy the Abyss or consume it in its cleansing flame. any necessary expenses. Azaan the Eternal is the newest game Paladins Champion!

Azaan is the new frontline champion joining the Paladins composition. Supported by his passive skill, which increases efficiency during prolonged conflict, he throws hammers and summons flames to help create and maintain space for his team. Combined with his relatively low cooldowns and the ability to both build pressure and create space in teamfights, Azaan is an unwavering and formidable force to be reckoned with.

Azaan also impresses with his other abilities, such as Persuasion, which allows him to spread his wings and charge forward in a menacing attack that damages and stuns his enemies at the same time. Azaan’s Sanctuary ability allows him to deploy a multi-segment wall that simultaneously acts as a fortress for his team and deals damage when opponents collide with it. Finally, Azaan’s ultimate is Release, which launches Azaan upward and allows his hammer to head downward, dealing damage and displacing enemies. Shortly thereafter, he allows Azaan to teleport to the target location with a powerful push. When Azaan is on the field, there is nowhere to hide from the Hammer of the Fire.


Along with Azaan, this update is releasing the new Dark Depths Event Pass, which invites players to test their fortunes and descend into the depths of the dark ocean to find what lies beneath the ocean floor. Players can earn over 30 rewards, including the Sea Queen Saati and Marauder Taira skins, as well as alternate versions of each. Lots of sprays, avatars and other cosmetics are also included!

This update also includes a new exclusive Sigma Vivian skin from the Bounty Store, new limited-time modes, and more! Defeat your enemies as Azaan, or collect sunken treasures with the Dark Depths Pass in the Absolution Update, available now in Paladins on all Xbox platforms!

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