The Kids We Were Take a Thrilling Journey Through 1980s Japan on Switch

The paths that indie games are taking to the Switch are very different, and one of them is getting started on mobile before hitting the Nintendo system in a “premium” iteration in the future. The Children We Were follows this approach, receiving awards and accolades on Android and iOS, with a release date January 26 is now confirmed for Switch and Steam.

The Kids We Were is an adventure game developed by GAGEX that uses blocky voxel-style visuals. Touryst but with a calmer color palette. On mobile, it boasts high average user ratings filled with comments praising the story, and it looks like the concept and setting can create an intriguing experience. It includes a little time travel, a Back to the Future style quest and a 1980s Tokyo suburb setting.

Our story begins with Minato arriving in the small town of Kagami, an exceptionally common place in a sleepy suburb of Tokyo.

But there is more to this simple trip than meets the eye. Minato has a secret goal: he intends to find his missing father, who supposedly lives somewhere in the area.

Our young detective Minato, wasting no time, begins work and soon finds a mysterious clue to the whereabouts of his father. He was left with a mysterious notebook with the ominous title “Seven Secrets.”

Guided by this notebook, Minato embarks on a long and difficult journey not through space, but through time. Because his destination is none other than 33 years ago – the day his father and mother first met!

The Switch will have a full version history for Android and iOS, as well as a new bonus episode and additional collectibles.

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