The Hogwarts Legacy showcase tells of the flight of a broomstick and a hippogriff in an open world

Elsewhere, the iconic Forbidden Forest location from the books and movies is on display, along with some rather formidable dark arts combat. We see spells including the “death spell” Avada Kedavra and the Crucio spell; something that would surely have Neville Longbottom shaking in his boots.

Obviously, what should be noted here is how amazing the game looks, including its indoor and outdoor locations. It will be interesting to see exactly how it will look on the Switch, though, given that retail copies will be available for it. July 25, 2023 launch, we can almost certainly exclude the cloud version of the game.

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How do you think the legacy of Hogwarts is shaping up? Are you going to test it on Switch or will you choose another platform? Let us know!

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