The GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update is Now Live


As we get closer to the launch of next-generation Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, this latest game has had a big (and free) content update that’s now live. Los Santos Tuners speaks to gear leaders and general car enthusiasts with a new social space dedicated to hanging out with friends and showing off your walks, plus high-stakes forces to pull off with your crews, types of additional running, and even more.

The LS Car Meet is a non-combat underground social center where 30 players can gather and show off their precious vehicles. Not only can you use this area to customize your cars, but you can see others doing the same thing in real time. You can also take vehicles for a spin or race against each other on a new private test track. The LS Car Meet serves as an ideal venue to showcase the game’s 10 new vehicles along with other new journeys that will be coming in the coming months. Best of all, you can try driving new vehicles during the first few weeks of launch.

The LS Car Meet also allows players to host private meetings and test track races, establish the venue as a point of birth at the start of the game, and Car Meet members to join in front of the Social Club equipment are rewarded with bonus features such as a Property Crew Emblem for new Car Businesses.

Car Shops are new customizable stores that players can purchase to generate extra cash while also providing a private space to store your items. Here you can store up to 10 vehicles, modify your vehicles, and employ mechanics to help deliver the vehicles to customers. Car Shops also show a handy list of 10 cars to steal in Book Mode (which you can complete alone or with friends) which rewards a great refund if you manage to get rid of them all.

Los Santos Tuners also features six new multi-part contract theft missions and new types of racing for Car Meet members. The Pursuit Series, for example, is a collection of races where 4-16 players compete for first prize while flying from the sidelines. Car Meet members can earn Car Meet Reps by engaging in this and other activities. Gaining enough repertoire allows players to accept only Car Invitations and decorating options for their spaces.


The update also features the return of Kenny “Moodymann” Dixon Jr., who has put together a new mix of exclusive tracks by himself and artists including Carl Craig, Sama ‘Abdulhadi and Luciano. A customizable Radio Wheel, a first for GTA, will allow players to favor the stations they want to appear on. You can also look for hidden media sticks containing tracks from Monday’s EP Dreamin ’from Rockstars’ CircoLoco Records label.

Over the coming weeks Rockstar plans to add more Contracts, a new Go-kart themed Adverse Mode called Kart Krash: Full Auto, and a new arcade game called Camhedz, a cooperative light pistol shooter. You can learn the full details on what Los Santos Tuners entails by reading Rockstar blog post.

While Los Santos Tuners isn’t playable on the PS3 / Xbox 350 versions of GTA Online from now on, it’s available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (with retroactive compatibility for next-generation hardware of course).

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