The Ghosts Arrive Season 6: Call of Duty: Black Ops Reboot, Cold War & Warzone


  • The Haunting is led by two classic assassins as well as new limited-time multiplayer modes, zombies and War zone
  • Become – or conquer – the Ghosts of Verdansk in the new Battle Royale mode, in which you will fight against threats both living and dead. Plus: Scream Deathmatch, Hallows’ Eve Outbreak, and more.
  • Become your biggest fear with new horror themed sets such as Limited time “Scream” operator set and Tracer Pack: Limited Time Donnie Darko Pack

The sun goes down and evil haunts as the Ghosts arrive in season six Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War zone… No one is safe, and new horrors await you in all modes. The Halloween blockbuster will run until November 2. Read on … if you dare:

Limited Time Scream Operator Premieres Filled with Fear

At the beginning of the Ghost, take Limited Time Scream Operator Bundle which includes Ghostface for use in War zone and Black Ops Cold Warlong before the iconic killer returns to theaters in January 2022.

Get the Ghostface Operator and other Scream themed items such as the Cruel End ending move, the cordless phone weapon amulet, and the Ghostblade Legendary Weapon Blueprint.

Later in Haunting: The Tracer Pack: Limited Time Donnie Darko Pack

Receive Tracer Pack: Limited Time Donnie Darko Packarriving on October 24 to gain access to Frank’s Rabbit Operator Skin and additional items including the Sky Is Falling finishing move and three Legendary Weapon Blueprints from the Purple Electric Tracer Fire.

The ghosts of Verdansk invade the war zone

Spiritual successor to Zombie Royale, the time-limited Ghosts of Verdansk mode brings new threats and challenges to the battle royale game. In this mode, available only during the Ghosts event, death no longer means a trip to the GULAG. Instead, Operators become Ghosts upon first destruction.

Ghosts gain supernatural powers such as Super Jump, allowing access to high ground and the ability to hover to safety. They can also teleport, helping to close the gap with living Operators. Spectral Blast offers an area stun attack that slows operators and incapacitates vehicles.

Kill living Operators to earn souls that the Ghosts can exchange for another life, or instantly redeploy them with a finishing move. Operators in dire need must travel to the Sacred Land, a sanctuary inaccessible to the undead … at least until they destroy it.

Manage your fear accordingly on a scale of 0 to 100. Each Operator starts the match with zero Fear Points. At 50 points, hallucinations begin. At 100? Nobody survived to tell about it.

Fear increases when you are hit by an enemy, when you set up camp, see corpses or ghosts, and lose a squadmate. Fear diminishes after hallucinations and when you eliminate an enemy Operator or Ghost, revive a squadmate, complete a Contract, or remain in Sacred Ground.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Ghosts

Multiplayer: Halloween in Nuketown ’84, new modes

Classical Black ops the card is full of the spirit of Halloween, with a day / night change, as well as a variety of themed decorations such as pumpkin clocks and other props. Three new limited-time multiplayer modes will also be available during The Haunting, including:

  • Infected. Eighteen Operators are divided into two teams: Survivors and Zombies, which try to drive out the remaining undead Survivors. The survivors win if they beat the time before everyone joins the horde.
  • Halloween hunting props. In this themed props hunt, you can see player-controlled skulls, pumpkin lanterns, black cats, bats, skeletons and more hiding among other Halloween decorations in Nuketown ’84.
  • Scream Deathmatch. In this terrifying mode, two operators are selected as the Ghost Face and tasked with destroying their victim. Survivors must face the assassins face to face or flee to save their lives, although their periodic screams will not allow them to hide for long …

Zombies rule during the Christmas Eve epidemic

Can you survive the outbreak of Saints Day? In this Outbreak variation, your only goal is to survive. The match only lasts 10 minutes in one region, but the difficulty increases every two minutes, which means more zombies, special and elite players with more health. Feeling overwhelmed? Take out the Horde to greatly improve your gear. It’s OK.

Zombie Halloween Updates

Collect Scare Packages containing large rewards every five rounds on round-based zombie maps and in each Outbreak region. Zombies can also drop Jack O’Lantern for additional rewards, and pumpkin-headed enemies will spawn that can be shot with a bonus essence.

New challenges and rewards

The ghost brings two sets of nine challenges, one for War zone and the other is for Black Ops Cold War… Complete tasks to earn new items, such as blueprints for weapons. Complete any set to unlock the new LAPA SMG, a weapon with high damage, reliable control and range.

Want to try new weapons right away? Purchase Awful End Bundle, is launched with the Ghosts to equip the Anomalous Weapon Blueprint, the first weapon blueprint for this new weapon.

More fear in the store

Visit the Store during Halloween week to grab the new Super Rare Operator Skins from three packs. Dress to kill at Tailor’s Tracer Pack: Necro Queen Reactive Mastercraft Set, recruit minions as “Followers of Chaos” from Tracer Pack: Ultra Disciple of Mayhem Packand light up the night Tracer Pack: Lumens Maxis Ultra Bundle

Not engaged yet? Receive Black Ops Cold War on the Xbox store todayand meet the Ghosts on October 19th.

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