The first paid DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human features a brand new location, weapon type and more

Imagine: you have just won the most elite arena in all of Villedora. Hundreds of fans are roaring your name. You could be the champion. Blood Ties –Dying Light 2 Stay Human the first paid DLC will give you a chance at glory. If you’re willing to take the glove, that is.

Play a brand new story

Bloody Ties will take you on an exciting journey to the heart of the extravaganza of Villedor – the Hall of Carnage, where you will fight for your place in the pantheon of gladiators. But Carnage Hall is an unusual arena. Only the best and strongest fighters are allowed into the game, so get ready for the tests. You will face never-before-seen enemies and find unexpected allies who can help you on your path to glory. However, don’t let it consume you too much, because like most things in the City, this too has its secrets. Can you uncover the darkness behind the spotlights?

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Severus

Explore Carnage Hall

To get into Carnage Hall, you will first have to prove your skills. Think you’re ready? Look for special probes around Villedor. If all goes well, you will gain access to a new location and epicenter of Bloody Ties. This once grand opera house has been repurposed for a bloodier performance, where the City’s fiercest fighters battle it out to be crowned champions. Join the Spectacles and seek glory as you rise to the top.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Astrid

Try new weapons

Rediscover creative combat with the protective glove. This brand new type of weapon offers its wielder speed and agility while maintaining deadly balance. In arena fights, you will have to control yourself, but the advantage over the enemy can turn the tide in your favor. Winning battles and ranking up will reward you with new gear, perfect for taking on your new opponents.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Blood Ties

Fight in unique shows

In Carnage Hall, you will have the opportunity to take part in the final challenges. Looking for a challenging multi-purpose arena with unique stories? Don’t forget to check your glasses. Or maybe you would like to explore the latest mutations in the infected? Fight them in our freak shows – be careful, this is no joke! If you’re feeling especially brutal, you can try the Carnage Challenges, where you’ll fight hordes of deadly atrocities. And for parkour lovers – this time a real show is waiting for you.

blood ties coming to Dying Light 2 Stay Human October 13, 2022 Be sure to reserve your copy now to start with this exclusive pre-order bonus: The Aristocrat Pack, which includes the Aristocrat Guard outfit and the Aristocrat itself, the most bizarre weapon in the Hall of Carnage (according to some) .

Pre-order Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties




Pre-order now to get access to the Aristocrat Pack. The Aristocrat Pack contains: – Outfit: The Aristocrat Guardsman is the most sophisticated of the Guardsman’s outfits. – Weapon: Aristocrat – Miracle, the blood from his cuts is not blue. Bloody Ties is the first official story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, a thrilling first-person survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Who doesn’t want hundreds of fans chanting their name in perfect unison? Or feel loved and admired, and at the same time receive unimaginable riches? But what if, in order to have all this, you must first pay the highest price? As Aiden, you are energized by the promise of wealth, fame, and access to the best equipment to compete in a tournament where people sacrifice everything for status. Hone your skills to defeat enemies and find allies to become famous. You’ll quickly realize that the pursuit of glory is just the beginning, and you’ll find yourself drawn into a conspiracy for power and revenge. Features: NEW STORY Embark on a new adventure. Secure your place in the Pantheon of the best fighters, help your new friend Chiro in his quest to avenge his brother’s death and discover the true nature of the tournament. NEW LOCATION Enter Carnage Hall, a place filled with opulence and splendor, where every fight is a narrative spectacle and the strongest seek wealth and glory. NEW WEAPONS: SHIELD GLOVE Discover a new way to play with the Defensive Glove and make creative combat even more creative. NEW EQUIPMENT Get new gear in a tournament where strength is everything and weapons are a status symbol. SPECTACLES AND SHOWS Play out the role of your life in Spectacles, multi-purpose arenas with unique stories told by Astrid herself, each reminiscent of traditional fairy tales and fables with a sly twist. Put your skills to the test in Arena Challenges, special challenges where you’ll take on new mutated enemies, face off against hordes of assassins, and take decisive action.

Xbox Live

Dying Light 2 Stay Human




Enhance your experience with Smart Delivery. Buy the game once to play it on Xbox One and get it optimized for Xbox Series X | S Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus and lost. Now we’re losing again. The city, one of the last major population centers, is torn apart by conflicts. Civilization rolled back into the Middle Ages. And yet we still have hope. You are a wanderer who can change the fate of the City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories you can’t decipher, you set out to discover the truth… and find yourself in a war zone. Hone your skills, because to defeat enemies and make allies, you will need both fists and ingenuity. Uncover the dark secrets of those in power, choose a side and decide your fate. But wherever your actions take you, there is one thing you will never forget – stay human. HUGE OPEN WORLD Take part in the life of a city plunged into a new dark age. Discover different paths and hidden passages as you explore its many levels and locations. CREATIVE AND HARD COMBAT Use your parkour skills to tip the scales in even the most brutal combat. Smart thinking, traps and creative weapons will be your best friends. CYCLE OF DAY AND NIGHT Wait until night to travel to the dark hideouts of the Infected. Sunlight keeps them at bay, but as soon as it disappears, the monsters begin to hunt, leaving their lairs free to explore. CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES Shape the city’s future with your actions and watch it change. Determine the balance of power by making choices in the escalating conflict and experience for yourself. CO-OP FOR 2-4 PLAYERS Play co-op with up to four players. Organize your own games or join others and see how their choice differs from yours.

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