The finished ring hasn’t fit yet? Blast Your ATVs With Switch-Exclusive “Let’s Get Fit” This Spring

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If you’ve pumped up untold amounts of iron and squeezed out every ounce of sweat in the Ring Fit Adventure, you might be looking for the next fitness fix on the Switch. There are a few options to choose from, but it looks like there’s a new contender on the block: type Let’s Get Fit.

This upcoming fitness game, recently announced for “Spring 2022” from developers Exkee and Voxler (who make the Let’s Sing series), looks to the naked eye like it could be an additional mode for Fortnite. Hey, crazier things have happened, right? But no, Epic hasn’t snapped up those developers yet (yet). So the real question is this: will it be Ring Fit’s contender or contender for the throne?

As you can see in the screenshots below on the page, this Switch exclusive will offer workouts – both pre-made and custom – made up of various exercises. High intensity, low intensity, uh Medium intensity (probably all intensities), plus targeting specific muscle groups, online leaderboards, progress tracking calendars, and four different trainers. According to PR:

The Joy-Con Nintendo Switch controllers track the player’s movements. Paired with a set of straps that will be available with the physical edition Let’s get better as well as individually, players will get the most out of training drills.

So far, yes, it sounds like a fitness game. There’s not much more to say at this point – there’s no price or exact date, although “Let’s Get Fit” is confirmed to be a digital release in America.

We’ll leave these screens to tell you a little more about the game:

Understandably, Let’s Get Fit is going to have a tough time if it wants to dethrone Ring Fit Adventure as the Switch’s premier fitness app (we also have soft sports for Fitness Boxing games). In the spring, we will find out if he has the stamina and courage to defeat the best.

Let us know if you like the look of this below.

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