The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection includes an original trio of DS games that will be replaced in June

With a surprise appearance at the February Nintendo Direct Showcase, Sega has confirmed it will be bringing the fan-favorite maze explorer series, Etrian Odysseuson Switch in an updated form.

The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will combine the first three games in the series into one purchasable bundle that will be available on the Switch Store on June 1st With pre-orders starting today.

Taking the Atlus series back to its roots, the collection will be all about dungeon mapping with your hand-picked team of companions – finding treasure and battling monsters in turn-based combat like never before! Of course, the games have undergone updated art and soundtrack in the remastered edition, and it looks like touchscreen capabilities were prioritized for the Switch release to make it easier to match.

For a closer look at everything the collection will bring and a look at some new screenshots, check out the following in-game information. web store page:

Features of the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection:
– Survive a vast labyrinthine forest on the outskirts of a peaceful village in Etrian Odyssey HD, venture into a floating castle in the sky in Etrian Odyssey II HD, and be transported to an oceanic paradise and rumored sunken city in Etrian Odyssey III HD.
– Touch screen mapping feature for Nintendo Switch™: Navigate your way through the maze, draw walls and place icons to mark special events and resources.
– Recently updated graphics, updated soundtrack and quality of life improvements including difficulty selection and save slots.
– Easy access to the Behemoth Codex, quest log and skill tree
– Maximize your adventures by optimizing your party by choosing character classes that suit your playstyle.

The pre-order price of the collection is currently at a significant level. $79.99 / £71.99The one we get is a bit cool if you’ve never dived into the series before. Thankfully, the three games will also be available to purchase separately for £35.99, so you can get a taste of the style before you dive in.

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