The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Amulet of Chaos Invades Xbox Series X | S along with the new DLC

Hey adventurers! Dungeon Nahulboyka returned!

A few months ago, it was with great pleasure that we launched Dungeon Fuckboy: Chaos Amulet on Xbox One and today we’re here to relaunch that fun. Our Epic TableTop RPG Parody Now Available On Xbox Series X | S for all new generation lovers! And thanks to Smart Delivery, if you already own a game on Xbox One, it’s completely free to upgrade to the next generation!

And this is not the only good thing we can report here: Arenas Splat Jaipaknew DLC to play now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

This is an independent chapter, completely separate from the main game adventure. In this new game mode, ten playable adventurers are trapped by the vicious Splat Jaipak, a half-goblin that has left many terrible memories for those who have already played the game. Determined to amuse himself by making our less skilled heroes suffer, the mischievous schemer imprisoned them in his arenas, a cruel place they cannot escape from – unless they manage to defeat all of his monsters and win each of them. 15 new and challenging duels that await them in the pit!

However, a game show is not fun if the applicants have no chance. So, to make this spectacle interesting, adventurers have a little something for themselves.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos - Chicken Edition DLC: Splat Jaipak Arenas

In the dressing room, you can choose which adventurers you want to join your team. Although you are limited to eight active adventurers at a time – just like in the base game – you completely decide who is in the game and who is not! In the original adventure, you had a core team of seven adventurers and could choose one of the Priestess, Paladin, and Minstrel to be your eighth. Here you can choose all three if you so desire – provided that you leave the other adventurers on the bench.

You can change the composition of your team between battles; in addition to this, even the adventurers you left in the locker room gain XP when you win the battle, so you will never be punished for changing fighter!

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos - Chicken Edition DLC: Splat Jaipak Arenas

Everyone knows that adventurers fight for two reasons: experience and loot. While the experience side works fine, in the Splat Jaipak arenas, the only loot you’ll get is a pile of gold coins that increase with every victory.

As your adventurers get stronger, they also get richer: there is a trade area here to get all that gold as an objective. Being rich is cool, but wearing legendary armor is even cooler! Between battles, you have the option to shop around, spending your hard-earned gold on upgrading your fighters’ equipment and giving them more chances to slice and dice and crush and burn and … Basically kill their next foes.

Dungeon Fuckboy: Chaos Amulet and Arenas Splat Jaipak ready for you on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S! The question is whether you ready for them, brave adventurer? It’s time to prove yourself!

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition DLC: Splat Jaipak Arenas

Dear villagers

USD 7.99

Adventurers are back for more in this new DLC! Join the group as they are trapped and captured by the sadist owner of the Wheel of Failure, Splat Jaipak. If they want to get out, they will have to pull themselves together and go through all the trials that their captor can throw at them. Are you ready to fight back on your adventure? Features: – Fight in 15 new battles – Level up your characters from 1 to 11 – Change the composition of your team as you wish, choosing any 8 characters from 10 playable adventurers – Upgrade your equipment between battles – Try new tactics and crazy strategies! – And, of course, chickens.

Xbox live

Dungeon Fuckboy: Amulet of Chaos – Chicken Edition

Dear villagers


US $ 44.99

Are you ready to dive into a tactical RPG full of charm, humor and crazy characters ?! They are clumsy, inexperienced and daring, but … they will have to endure each other’s company in order to get the treasures of the dungeon. However, a sense of déjà vu quickly emerges … Lead this team of incredible heroes on an adventure full of humor and chaos! The Naheulbeuk Universe is the original creation of the French writer John Lang. It started out as a hugely popular audio comedy series parodying RPGs and heroic fantasy stories. The story is now available for the first time in English as a video game! Imperfect Team of Heroes • Play with seven classic RPG characters that complement each other’s skills as they level up: Ranger, Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian, Wizard, Ogre and Thief! • Each team member has their own skill tree to improve their abilities and equipment. • Choose one of three additional teammates to join the team on their adventure! Epic Battles • Exciting turn-based battles with creative support mechanics between team members. • Adaptive system of difficulty: from an accessible and exciting story mode with simplified combat to a “nightmare mode” in which the slightest tactical mistakes are doomed to death! • An extensive bestiary (over 100 enemies!), Forcing you to think more tactically in every battle. ВЂ Epic boss battles in which you will have to collect strength and wits to win! • Hidden and destructive objects (including beer barrels) with amazing status effects will turn the tide of battle for the better … or worse! Terrible Dungeon • Explore a huge and amazing dungeon from the cave to the luxurious chambers of the evil lord Zangdar, passing through the goblin skating park and even a very busy tavern! • Get out of traps and solve deadly puzzles to discover the most impressive treasures! • Quirky conversations, absurd situations and unusual meetings await you! • Experience an exciting main storyline and many side quests for your heroes.

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