The Division 2 isn’t dead, but it just broke through with great success

Image: Ubisoft

Division 2 was recently due to receive a season 11 update. Instead, the entire game came to a halt after the tool the development team uses to release updates went completely offline. The corruption is now being fixed and “compensation” is planned while players wait for the promised update. How did it happen? Ubisoft’s explanation is an exciting window into the problems and pitfalls of real-time game maintenance.

“In preparation for Season 11, we experienced a number of delays in the localization process that impacted the experience for many players around the world,” Division 2 Development team announced February 3. “Therefore, after much discussion, we have made the difficult decision to reschedule the Season 11 episode and live broadcast to a later date.”

It seemed like a momentary glitch and a temporary delay, but shooter developer Tom Clancy revealed on Thursday that the damage is not limited to a single update. “Last Saturday, in the process of creating an update that will solve the problem, we encountered a bug due to which the build generation system for Division 2,” team tweeted early yesterday. “As a result, we cannot update the game until this system is rebuilt.”

Usually when new Division 2 the season is delayed, Ubisoft is just expanding on the existing one, looping weekly missions and loot changes until the new content is ready to launch. “Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current situation,” the team explained, “because we cannot make updates on the server or client side until the build generation system is restored.”

Now, a hotfix has fixed this issue, but Season 11 is still not in sight. We have successfully created and deployed a server-side update.” —Team wrote on Friday. “Now it is available and expands the content of Season 10. We deeply appreciate your support and patience! More news on Season 11 and in-game compensation will be posted at a later date.”

Great culling live in early 2023. killed a bunch of online gamesBut Division 2 was not one of them. Despite sick period Two years after launch, Ubisoft has announced a series of modest updates coming to the game soon. new content roadmap published last year. With some players still roaming the streets of post-apocalyptic Washington DC, Ubisoft keeps the lights on while waiting for a free spin-off. Division Heartlandto finally send. Will we ever get Division 3 remains to be seen.

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