The developers claim that it takes 500 hours to complete Dying Light 2 at 100%.

According to a tweet from the game’s official account, it will take players about 500 hours to do absolutely everything in the upcoming open-world zombie game Dying Light 2.

Comparing the time it took to walk from Warsaw to Madrid, the tweet drew criticism from players who questioned the veracity of this alleged end time.

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The account quickly followed this tweet with a few clarifications. The first of which I read; “Note: this is about 100% completion, most players who are interested in the story and side quests will be able to complete the game faster, but it will be a solid experience nonetheless!”

Some time later, in response to a large outpouring of players, the account quoted the original image with additional context of what a “normal” playthrough should look like.

15 years after the events of the original, the once post-apocalyptic cities of Dying Light have morphed into overgrown modern dark ages. While the setting and its choice-based mechanics are intriguing, those expecting a proper current generation experience may be disappointed. Based on the build we played, Dying Light 2 looks like an iteration of what came before, feels visually dated and has the well-worn open-world gameplay you’d expect from a last-gen console.

Last year, VGC spoke with Lead Game Designer Tymon Smectala, who talked about the explosive development of Dying Light 2.

The first question was obvious: what’s stopping Dying Light 2? “Well, basically, we had to completely change our technology,” explained Smectala. “We had our own 15-year-old engine called the Chrome engine, which dates back to the first 3D game Techland ever made. So he could not and could not do what we wanted.

“At some point, our CEO decided he wanted to focus on first-person open-world gaming. So it was an opportunity for us to create an engine specifically designed for that, so we decided to change the technology for the second game.

“This means that everything you see [in Dying Light 2] – even if some things seem familiar – all these things had to be done from scratch. All animations, all code – practically everything is new. Perhaps some of the scripts were taken from an old game, but all the most important things had to be done anew. So I think this was the biggest problem, actually.

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