The Dark Secrets of Brewster’s “Pigeon Milk” at Animal Crossing

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Brewster is finally coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and we’re going to find out more about everyone’s favorite coffee house winged beast on Friday, October 15th – Brewster’s birthday, I don’t know. Players have long been asking / demanding about Brewster, like that clip from Mandalorian where Werner Herzog says “I want to see the baby”, but instead of “baby” it is “adult barista bird”.

However, for a significant number of ACNH players, this is their first Animal Crossing game – which means they’ve never met Brewster. This means that they were never offered pigeon milk in their coffee.

Let’s roll back a little. Brewster’s name obviously plays the play Bru, as in coffee, and Rooster, as in the case of the male chicken. Brewster No male hen, and here he is, if you believe Animal Crossing Wiki, Blue Dove, a fancy name for your standard city pigeon. You know one thing: the dizzying gray guy who swarms in parks and cafes around the world. This is the guy you want to brew coffee, right?

Of course, Brewster towers over his fellow flying rats because he has bizarre facial hair and a bow tie, making him an excellent student. upper class pigeon. He does not wear shoes, but wears an apron.

Brewster runs The Roost, his coffee shop in previous Animal Crossing games, where music is like a sultry lounge piano and seats are sometimes filled with visiting villagers and even special characters like Tom Nook and Resetti. There is a whole mini-game in New Leaf in which the player can earn some money by serving coffee in a special form, with a reward in the form of coffee beans for good work.

But the best part of Brewster’s existence is the scarcity. Coffee is his main way of communicating with people, you know, and otherwise he is rather terse, but from time to time he offers a shot of pigeon’s milk to add coffee to you.

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It’s easy to assume that pigeon milk is just a funny Animal Crossing joke because certainly pigeons have no milk. They are birds, not mammals. They don’t even have nipples! But as it turns out, pigeon milk may be Brewster’s special way of saying he Like you.

You probably already knew that birds regurgitate food to feed their young, but did you know that this is actually called the “milk of the crop”? This is a secret that is produced by the lining of the digestive tract, and in pigeons and pigeons it is known as “pigeon’s milk”. When these birds eat food, some of it is deposited in a small pouch in their throat, which they can then raise at will as food for their nearest and dearest.

You might think that you are definitely not want pigeon milk in coffee – especially after reading Description on Wikipedia about him as a “semi-solid, reminiscent of pale yellow curd” – but what if it’s a sign of Brewster’s affection? After all, milk raising only happens when the bird has cubs, which means that Brewster considers himself a fatherly figure with feathers. Alternatively, he tries to supplement your diet because pigeon milk is rich in protein, fats and antibodies.

Either way, The Roost arrives at Animal Crossing, which means Brewster’s curd discharges go too. You have been warned.

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