The cult classic Point-and-Click Primordia comes to replace

“Life has stopped. Man is just a myth. And now even the machines have started to break down.” No, this is not a Yelp review of a gas station, this is a description of Primordia, a classic point-and-click adventure game released on PC back in 2012, with the voice of Logan Cunningham (Hades in Hades, The Transistor to Transistor, Narrator in Bastion) like Horatio Nullbild.

It is published by Wadjet Eye – an experienced studio that also released Unavowed on the Nintendo Switch eShop – and developed by Wormwood Studios.

Explore a desert full of broken and broken robots, travel to the last city left in the world and find out what happened to humans when Primordia launches on Nintendo Switch eShop on March 2nd.

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