The Crossing Animal Monopoly was soon leaked


A Reddit user found a first copy of the announcement Crossbreeding Animals edition of Monopoly, and while for the most part this is remarkable news, I think the miniatures that accompany the game are worth a closer look.

I have one of these “Gamer” editions of the game – the Mario one – at home and to play it (and looking at some other releases so far, such as Sonic) I know …not good. Of course, there There are some fun ideas here and there, like u Mario one includes dice-roleling boss fights, but for the most part they are a hasty license work that lacks the original Monopoly strengths of conception, but is also unable to respond to strengths of any license is mooching off.

Suffice it to say, then, I’m not excited for it Animal Crossing Monopoly have a game. But look at those pieces that you have to use as pieces! The colors, the poses, the surprisingly detailed footwear, the faces, the fact that one of them is a fisherman, and another who looks deeply suspicious picking an apple like that, are perfect.

These are the four that come with the game, but the Mario one ended up selling more loads in standalone packages, so you would expect that to be the case half of the business case for this particular edition. More peasants = more $$$.


I love them, and while they’re probably not worth the price of the game itself, if you ever find yourself stuck playing the game at a Crossbreeding Animals-Obsession of a friend’s house, so at least have fun moving these guys around the board.

As for this particular version they adopt Monopoly itself, surprisingly for a game that the dark core is all about property and mortgages, don’t buy island homes. Instead you are running to collect Nook Miles, and moving across the board you are collecting resources such as fossils and fruits.

While the game has not yet been officially announced, this copy was purchased by a Wal-Mart in the United States, and is available from a ton of European retailers for pre-order.


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