The Breakers Collection Update Coming This Week, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Image: QUByte Interactive

The Breakers Collection by QUbyte, a re-release of two Visco games. Switch games will receive an update on January 26 on all platforms, including Switch.

The first update for the game brings with it the usual quality of life improvements and updates, including many smaller bug fixes. But Qubyte Interactive also took the time to announce an upcoming in-game event.

The cheekily titled “Bye’-Hu” (pun intended by the NL staff) will be rewarding players who manage to defeat Bai-Hu in Team Deathmatch on any difficulty. Those who share videos of how they do it on Twitter and tag @qubytegames will receive an item to personalize their player profile. The event will take place from 27 to 30 January, details will be published soon.

And with that, let’s dive into the patch notes for the Breakers Collection:

Update January 26, 2023

Quality of Life Updates:
– New ability to change nickname on player profile screen! To change your in-game nickname, simply go to Online Modes > Open Profile > Edit Profile > Change Nickname;
– New option during warm-up: easy workout! You can now wait for a match in a simple training mode with the following options: enemy dummy, infinite health, infinite special bar, infinite timer and no stun. The standard Versus CPU mode is still available, modes can be selected on the online match filter screen. Additional adjustments may be made to improve this feature in the future;
– Waiting time after finding a match reduced from 30 to 15 seconds;
– The time to exit the preview on the relink screen and restart the match on the training screen is now reduced;

Error correction
All platforms:
– Fixed a logic bug in the quick search system in ranked and normal modes that even if a player was close to another, the wrong route was used to establish a connection, resulting in unnecessary high ping. Now the goal is to have more stable connections between players;
– Fixed “ghost” inputs when some direction was infinitely pressed during game/preview;
– Fixed “ghost” inputs where linking a button to control “triggers” (e.g. macros) would cause them to stay pressed indefinitely during game/preview;
– Fixed an issue where the “ASIA” region filter option was not displayed on the leaderboard screen;
– Fixed the display of the player’s rating at the top of the leaderboard (now it takes into account whether the player has the crossplay option enabled for position calculation);
– When entering the Lobby room where the fight is taking place, the text correctly shows that the players are fighting;
– Fixed audio lag during gameplay after playing some offline matches in Versus Mode;
– Fixed an issue where when selecting a stage in Training or Versus modes, the in-game music would not match the selected stage;
– Fixed a bug due to which, when the headset was turned off, the game process sound was adjusted depending on the value of the UI sound configuration;
– Fixed achievement unlock text on notification screen;
– Fixed several incorrectly written texts;
– Fixed unlockable algorithm for tracking winning matches using a special or super special attack;
– Fixed unlockable item tracking algorithm related to winning perfect rounds;
– Fixed an issue that caused the image gallery to open when completing Breakers Revenge with Rila or Saizo.
– Fixed a bug due to which when inviting a friend using the “Enter Nickname” option, the player who received the invitation could not enter the room;
– Fixed the duplicate search algorithm to correctly display the selected filter options.

– Fixed sideline when using CRT filter;
– Fixed option name referring to “Room Comment” on lobby creation screen;
– Fixed an issue that caused the menu music to play along with the gameplay music when removing the headset in some game modes.

It’s safe to say that we think the Breakers Collection will only get better, and for one of the first fighting games of the year (even if it’s a re-release), it knocks it out of the park. In our review, we gave the game an 8/10, stating that it “still feels incredibly modern and intuitive for a new era of gamers.”

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