The boss fight in Halo Infinite Adjutant Resolution was a huge pain

The Master Chief holds an assault rifle as he heads into battle.

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Ugh, not that bucket of bolts, I thought when the Unit 07 Adjutant Resolution Sentinel ‘Mech appeared a second time to grind me. Halo Infinite the passage has stopped. Then he killed me. Again. And again. And again. I didn’t belong, but I was, and I hated him for it, not least because it’s not even a difficult, let alone fun boss fight to get trapped in an endless loop of failure.

If you played Halo Infinite, you probably remember Adjutant Resolution as the slowly soaring Eye of Sauron, whose laser beams and blasts of plasma cannot match the Master Chief and his grappling hook. If you remember him at all, that is. I’m sure most people passed it by especially the second time, even in legendary mode. That Halo The Monitor is supposed to keep you from interfering with the Forerunners, and it’s terrible at that. Until he met me.

The first time I ran into him, everything went smoothly enough. But for the rematch I was too self-confident and in a hurry. While I enjoy the minute-by-minute action in Halo Infinite and I consider the fight for the Banished Banshee ship one of the highlights when I played games last year, I was disappointed with his campaign… The second half felt like the last hours of my day trip: I was irritable, tired, and just wanted to get it over with. This gave the Adjutant Resolution the opportunity to open up, and he grabbed onto her with a vengeance.

Adjutant Resolution objects when you shoot him in the eye.

Image: 343 industries / Microsoft

During the first round, I was inches away from completely depleting his health bar, only to be shot in the back by one of his companion drones when I got greedy. Instead of making me more careful, I tried to catch up by playing even more risky and aggressive, and once again was punished for this. Once I got the full title, I kept banging my head against the wall for seemingly hours, but probably 20 minutes at best. In any case, it was past midnight, and I was furious – at myself, at the adjutant Resolution, and at the game. Neither of Halo InfinityHis boss fights are great, but he has a different level.

KotakuCarolyn Petit of Carolyn Petit recently expressed this feeling beautifully on Twitter.

“You are fighting a boss in a video game, and on one early try, you’re so ridiculously close that you know it’s quite doable, so you spend another 30 plus minutes tying him over and over and you don’t even come close to winning.” she wrote earlier this week.

Of course, everyone knows that as soon as you feel this happening, you should put the controller down, go to bed and come back refreshed the next day. However, if it were that easy, it wouldn’t happen so often.

Adjutant Resolution shoots the Master Chief in the face with his beam cannon.

Image: 343 industries / Microsoft

While this could happen with any boss fight, Adjutant Resolution felt ready for it. The second encounter takes place in a circular arena with a giant hexagonal column in the middle and smaller columns around the periphery. Since you are constantly retreating throughout the fight, it is easy to get in front of them, not being able to quickly hide behind cover, rolling to the right or left. His accuracy is often terrible, but sometimes it is accurate, which makes it very easy to fall into a false sense of security.

And then there is the character of the adjutant Resolution himself. Is he British? I have no idea why, but for some reason he sounds like an arrogant butler. from Nanny loaded into millennial alien technology. Borderlands the bosses made me cringe less. Also, there is a way that one-off dialogue is burned into your brain when it is repeated ad nauseam in the heat of battle. I don’t remember how many times I had to start anew, but each time Weapon, the AI ​​companion of the Master Chief, shouted: “Oh look, he brought friends … did you hear me? He’s got friends!” Oh yes, I heard you, Weapon.

Of course, when I finally beat him the next day – quickly and easily, on the first try, of course – there was no sense of accomplishment or even relief. It was too late for any of them. I have not just defeated the boss in Sekiro or finished a new biome in Return… I beat the boor who was already washing the floor with me. I don’t know if I learned my lesson, but I finally finished the fight, which neither Adjutant Resolution nor I deserved. They won’t let him in.

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