The Big Con is a fun nostalgic adventure with 90s scammers

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I was born in 1991, which means that I was not a teenager until the early 2000s. I still think of myself as a kid of the 90s because the early 2000s were just the 1990s with a lot of internet. So Big roguereleased now on Xbox and PC reminds me of my youth, of a time when trips to video stores were common, payphones were still in use, people were crazy about Beanie Babies, and I robbed and defrauded hundreds of people all over Russia … …C. Wait, the last one actually just Big rogue, a new scam adventure game to rescue your mom’s video store.

V Big rogue, You play as Ali, a young girl from the 1990s who lives in a small town and helps her mom run a local video store. Within the first few minutes, you discover that your mom owes some nasty mafia guys over $ 90,000. If she doesn’t pay within 10 days, she will lose the store. This is a bad situation and Ali feels helpless. Conveniently, shortly after you learn about this problem, you will meet a young man who will teach you the basics of catching, hustling, pickpocketing and cheating people in order to make extra money. Ali realizes that this might be the best way to help her mom and save the store, so she teams up with this guy and the two set off on a trip across the country to steal enough money to save the day.

It’s only natural that this 90s game is also an adventure game, a genre that was popular back in that decade. As with most adventure games, you spend a lot of time in Big rogue talk to people, collect random items, and then realize that you have exactly what you need to solve the puzzle. But in Big rogue“Solving the riddle” often means finding a way to hustle and bustle. You can, for example, spy on people by hiding behind walls or trash cans, gaining information about the tag, which you can then use against them to get extra money.

For example, while in a large shopping center of the 90s, I saw a dude talking to his son, and, overhearing the conversation, I learned that he was rich, his son was a little spoiled and that he wanted to get him some new, super rare collectible toy. … So I stole it and some other people, spent that money to buy popcorn, and gave that popcorn to a hungry mall security guard. Naturally, she went to eat it in her office, letting me sneak behind her to find the storage room access code behind the toy store, which I used to sneak in and retrieve the rare toy I sold this dude, but not before asking. he has more money, which i could do because my previous eavesdropping told me he was rich. Yes, this is an adventure game. Luckily, none of the puzzles get too difficult or require the annoying logic of an adventure game. You can also leave the areas without deciding everything, as soon as you receive the amount of money needed to progress to the next level. This means that if you get stuck in something, you can probably rob a few more people, decide something different instead and get enough bail money.

Pickpocketing is an oddly exciting experience. You walk up to them from behind and then hold Y, starting a mini-game in which you need to release the button as soon as the marker moves to a special part of the on-screen indicator. Simple but fun.

A young woman steals from a man sitting on a train.

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But can you steal from people to save your mom and business? Your cheating mentor really says that you only steal a little from people – so, according to him, they do not notice, and no one gets hurt. But even all the same, when I took 10 bucks from a random wiper, I felt bad. Big rogue really allows you to choose who you cheat, so you can be polite to people who seem to have less money or stability in life, although the game does not reward or punish you for such a choice. Vibrant 90s visuals and silly tones help you ignore ethical concerns and just have fun. However, it still seems strange how quickly Ali, without much hesitation, begins to steal from people, including a child at some point. I understand that exploring how desperate people can often target other desperate people is not really what this game is trying to do, but it looks like it could have spent more time pondering the ethics of Ali’s wild, fraudulent journey.

Characters you come across everywhere Big rogue well written and often associated with me, making it difficult for them to steal or lie. (I was still doing this because Mom needs her video store!) There is a lot of soul in this game too, which makes some of its technical issues frustrating. In particular, the camera sometimes wiggles and wobbles as if it has too much Winter. There have also been cases where dialog bubbles covered other text boxes or UI elements. And for some reason, you can’t use a mouse at all – neither in menus nor in gameplay – which seems like an odd choice for this kind of game.

For those looking for an addicting adventure game with deep and challenging puzzles or storylines, Big rogue probably too light and simple to really enjoy. It’s also a shorter game that you can probably complete in about four hours. Its shorter length and simple puzzles make it hard to recommend it to diehard adventure fanatics, but if you grew up in the 1990s and miss Blockbuster or wear terrible clothes, Big rogue is a fun blast of nostalgia with a bit of crime added for added excitement.

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