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The Battlefield series has a long history, both in reality and in play. For almost 20 years of the existence of the famous shooter franchise, players faced conflicts during the First World War (Battlefield 1) to more than a century in the future (Battlefield 2142). You may sound like you’ve seen it all, but the Battlefield team has one big surprise up their collective sleeve. With upcoming release Battlefield 2042, developers are empowering players with more power than ever before. With the new Battlefield Portal feature, fans will be able to create, share and discover exciting new Battlefield experiences.

Battlefield portal Electronic Arts calls it “your battlefield, your path,” and it shows. At its core, Battlefield portal gives players the ability to combine elements (including weapons, vehicles, classes, and more) from four different Battlefield games to create a whole new experience. But this is much deeper. With a reliable editor, you can customize almost every element of the game and then share your experience with other Battlefield fans. It would be easier to call this user-generated content, but that’s an understated price tag.

During a recent event, we took a close look at Battlefield portalwatching the developers arrange a battle between the soldiers of the Second World War from Battlefield 1942 and futuristic soldiers Battlefield 2042… As if that weren’t enough, we watched as a group of soldiers armed only with knives fought a group of militants equipped exclusively with defibrillators. If you’ve ever played Who Will Win the Battle, this is the experience for you.

Four games that Battlefield portal pulls out Battlefield 1942, Bad company Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and of course) Battlefield 2042… This means you can take whatever you want out of this multiplayer experience to build whatever your heart desires. In addition to weapons and other things, each game brings a few of your favorite cards to the party. You can fight on six maps from Battlefield 1942 (Battle of the Ardennes and El Alamein), Battlefield 3 (Caspian border and Noshahr canals) and Bad company Battlefield 2 (Valparaiso and Arica Harbor) as well as all seven All-Out Warfare maps from Battlefield 2042

Each of these cards will support up to 128 players on Xbox Series X | S and 64 players on Xbox One. What’s more, all old maps have been reimagined and updated with new technologies to bring them into the modern era. For example, Battle of the Bulge now has building destruction, and Arica Harbor has an ebb tide that changes the battlefield during a match.

IN Battlefield portal, you will be able to play both official games created by EA and community games created by players. To experience the best of the best when it comes to community-made games, EA will be community-selected in turns. If you are the type of person who gets as much joy from creativity as from experience, chances are good that you will spend a lot of time playing Battlefield Builder.

Basically, Battlefield Builder is a web-based platform that allows creators and players to create anywhere. The team found it important to make it web-based as it would allow them to fix or update it on the fly and enable more people to use it. Overwhelmed by inspiration on the bus? Add that to the experience! Battlefield Builder will include an easy-to-use standard editor and a more detailed logic editor that looks more like coding.

While you can create your own game mode from scratch, Battlefield Builder also contains many existing game mode templates (including Team Deathmatch and Conquest) that you can customize and customize to your liking. As an example, our demonstrator shared a type of Snipers vs. Shotguns game that he was working on. You can customize three different game elements: mode, streak, and general.

In the “Mode” section, you can choose the basic mode, as I mentioned above, as well as the map you want to play on. On the “Settings” tab of this section, you can change the number of players (both in general and in each team). In fact, you will be able to create asymmetric teams, which allows you to do things like make one player super powerful while fighting 127 weak ones.

Then there was the “Series” section, where you can choose games from which to choose teams and factions. You can try BF1942 against Bad Company 2, or select factions like Germans vs. USA where everything related to that faction will be in play. You can also turn certain classes on or off so that medics finally show why they are better than engineers. Here you can also choose which weapons will be in the game and which attachments are supported. Iron sights only, anyone?


Finally, there is the General section where the fun happens. Whether you turn on friendly fire for any team, or give them headshot or body shot multipliers, there is a lot you can do here. You can also set abilities for each team, such as whether they can run or lie down, or whether they can use their compass or minimap. One of the most interesting settings was for the AI ​​fighters. Not only can you turn on AI so that both sides sit back and watch the events unfold, you can even turn it on for one side to turn the game into PvE.

For avid creators, there is also a logic-based rule editor that is closer to coding or scripting, allowing for very detailed rule sets. For example, you can set it up so that if a player kills with a headshot, his health returns to 100%. This is a very basic example, and it looks like the rule editor is robust enough to allow a specialized player to create some pretty wild scenarios.

Battlefield portal it looks like it will bring many truly unforgettable experiences that will only get better as more authors spend time with it. If what we have seen is an indicator, you can be sure that this is just the beginning.

Battlefield 2042 is now available for pre-order and due out on October 22 on Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC and Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate members with EA Play memberships can also pre-order at a 10% discount. If you need extra incentive, players who pre-order the game will have early access to the open beta.

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