The Avengers Cosmic Cube event has arrived


The future is in danger. The Avengers will have to work together to leave the Supreme Scientist before she can make an apocalypse. The new Villain Beating the Odds and the Cosmic Threat Event are available now!

Cosmic energy paths have circulated around the globe, leading the Avengers to Monica’s secret weapon – the trace of these Cosmic signatures is how they start Beating the Odds. You will find your way to a very guarded AIM establishment and fight to the final camera, which houses a giant, mysterious and undoubtedly powerful cube. This is the Cosmic Cube, the true form of Project Omega, and Monica can’t wait to show you how powerful she is in the final battle of the Villains Sector.

This is a new struggle unlike any we have created before. Although the future is still at some point uncertain, with our Cosmic Cube dev advice from Principal Designer Jason Botta, you can confidently look forward to beating the odds! Here are some tips on how to overcome victorious chaos:

  • The Divide and Conquer strategy will be your ally for this battle. You will immediately notice that there are several things happening right in the Cosmic Cube room that could result in a chaotic confrontation, and a defeat if you are not ready. Focus on removing the turrets first of all, because they will be a pain if you let them hang around
  • The first group of Elite Enemies will be dancing pretty much. Look at one of the protected enemies for a while – pull him away from the rest of the group to shoot them one by one before they can overtake you.
  • Finally, in the Power Core room, it can be useful to have your team quickly divide and destroy nuclei before they are dealt with by the wave of enemy fighters.

Moreover, the confrontation takes place in an unstable and captivating picturesque arena that they haven’t even seen in Marvel Avengers. Digital photographers, be sure to bring your cameras and take a few shots while you’re at it!

Beating the Odds is now available on the War Table in the Snow Tundra and can be played with any Hero with Power Level 35+.

Intro Mission Chain Rewards include a Hero Set tool, a DNA Key, three Polychoron, and a piece of tools that has its quality scaled to your Power Level. Weekly Mission Chain Awards render tools based on Power Level, 15 Polychoron, a DNA key, and a piece of gear scaled to your Power Level. Completely Repeated (Chains of Mission already completed) gives you a piece of gear that has its quality scaled to your Power Level.

Marvel Avengers

The Cosmic Threat event aligns with the Villain Sector is underway and will end on July 8th. Depending on the name of the Event, you will be impregnated with Cosmic energy, which will not pack an insignificant punch. The Cosmic Threat event will take you around the world on various new missions.

Minor Mission rewards (a total of eight, one theme per Hero) require the use of specific Hero abilities or fulfillment of general objectives. Completing these missions will reward the Hero themed team with a quality scale if that Hero is below PL 120. If that Hero is PL 120+, you will be rewarded with an Exotic Tachyon.

The Major Mission – A Cosmic Threat you will need to defeat the new Evil Sector, defeat a large number of enemies in Cosmic Threat Sectors, and deal a lot of sweet Cosmic damage. Rewards include a new animated team card and specific tools for Heroes.

We look forward to hearing how you enjoy the Cosmic Cube Event and see all the quality content you create from it! Share with us your favorite cube-busting constructions and ethereal photos on our social channels and the official Discord server. See you soon in the future!

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Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with a one-player, co-op gameplay. Take the essential Super Hero gaming experience to another level! Marvel Avengers will be available for next-generation consoles at no extra cost. * This version will boast a wide spectrum of improvements to visuals and speed, and will be backwards compatible in single and multiplayer. Marvel’s Avengers has a beautiful world full of exquisite details, and with improved Heroics, destruction, graphic fidelity and framerate versus previous gen, you won’t miss anything. Get into the action right away with fast loading times and let yourself be struck by the impressive detail of improved destructive visuals that make the Heroes feel really in your hands. Marvel’s Avengers will support save-file transfer and cross-gen gaming so you can pick up right away from where you left off and continue to fight AIM with your favorite Super Hero team. We’re excited to announce the next generation of consoles in Marvel’s Avengers! Marvel Avengers leverages Smart Delivery technology – buy the game once and play it on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Avengers by Marvel in Xbox Series X | S is available now! *** * Online access once required for campaign for one player; online access required for multiplayer and for downloading post-launch content. Free account of Square Enix members is required. The platform-specific online subscription fee may be required. * Upgrading from the disk version will require the next-gen version of the same console with a disk. ** The credits you purchase are available on Xbox Series X | Version S Marvel Avengers Console. Keep in mind that the Credit you have is synchronized with your Microsoft account, and the portfolio will be shared across the two platforms.

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