The Amplitude team gives an insight into the making of an endless dungeon


For those who loved it Infinity Dungeon, a revelation of Endless dungeon during The Game Awards 2020 it was an exciting time, with developer Amplitude returning to the ‘INFINITE’ universe with a ‘rogue-lite tactical action game’; with the SEGA release there is also a reason to be optimistic that developers will have the resources they need to make an impressive title.

In recent times it has been confirmed during the Summer Game Fest Kick-Off event that comes to Change, with a host of other platforms. With a clean art design and some playable characters that look cool, it might be one to watch.


Now GameSpot, as part of its Play For All 2021 event, has released a feature highlight in which key members of the development team talk about the concept, how the project was born and some ideas for the future. Check it out below.


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