TennoCon 2021: Warframe’s Story-Based Content Expansion New War Launched This Year



  • From crossover / playback, simultaneous releases, to story-based content, Digital Extremes has given Warframe gamers what they wanted at TennoCon 2021.
  • There have been some memorable moments from the annual celebration that we would like to share with the players unable to tune in to the live broadcast.
  • Warframe is available to play for free today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

To all who have virtually attended TennoCon 2021: thank you for bringing back once again a fun Warframe player event full of live revelations and premium game rewards. There have been many memorable moments from the annual celebration that we would like to share with players unable to tune in to the live broadcast:

  • ‘The New War’ content expansion based on the story to be launched in 2021.
  • Simultaneous game update versions across all platforms in 2021.
  • Cross-country / cross-country play prototype shown, actively developing.

Warframe’s first next-gen cinematic content expansion for Xbox Series X | S

TennoCon Live Demo has revealed the Warframe legend, Teshin, as a playable character who fights against the Invading Sentiments.

We have a personal, challenging and dramatic plot within Warframe is loved by Tenno (Warframe readers) and in recent years, we’ve added several Cinematic Prologue Quests that are building towards this major moment in Warframe history, and we’re almost there. During TennoLive, we came across, in the story that players want more of it. We’ve announced our next expansion of story-based content and the highly anticipated Cinematic Quest players are looking forward to: The New War, coming in 2021.

We revealed it live to WarframeBased on global players, our plans are to continue the cinematic plot that will take readers into some of the most immersive cinematic content we have ever created. The New War will give you what players were expecting. The story of Warframe must continue to be told, and our next Cinematic Quest will do just that … We’ll be sharing more information and well through our Devstreams on Twitch as we approach launch.

During our live demo, we presented three iconic locations that were both under attack from the Sentinel invaders and from the heart of the threat itself. For the first time, we didn’t play as Warframe, but rather three new playable characters: Soldier Corpus Veso, Soldier Grineer Kahl-175 and the iconic Dax: Teshin. It’s just a small piece of the bigger experience and there are a lot of Easter Eggs and fan theories to be created from this. We’ve slightly introduced some of the new mechanics and skills when playing as new characters and even some ways in which players use the weapons they know and love! Grakata!

The Demo featured footage of players who could fight as Grineer and Corpus for the first time ever.

Some of WarframeThe most unique content is experienced through solo cinematic quests, which reveal more about the player’s history around the world. Warframe players have been asked to build on this main line of research for years. It took longer than expected, but we’re happy that gamers are intrigued by what we’ve seen (and by what we haven’t shown) and are interested in what the next chapter of Warframe might look like, especially in Xbox Series X | S. This will be our first cinematic content expansion launched on next-generation consoles taking advantage of a completely updated experience and new tools.

A Celebration of the Main Moments of the Old War

The first aspect of tennis in a Zariman class, experienced live in-game.

It’s been a couple of years since we first experienced the New War, and we knew players would be excited to learn what we’ve developed. We all agreed that after the demo we had to do something special. It will be an important moment for the players, and we wanted to create an immersive, interactive and intimate experience … to make it truly personal for each of them, as well as their plot.

We’ve developed a virtual space that showcases key points of interest from the plot of The Old War, giving players the ability to walk around and see invisible memories and stories of their past. For the first time, a Zariman class full of Tenno has been revealed. While we hope it provides some answers, we also want this preview event to raise more questions and yes, players should pull on this thread, there’s more here, and more to come.

Tenno Looking Up Cetus
The Reveal Operator helps players progress through their personal history.

As revealed during our first big cinematic quest, The Second Dream, in 2015, and today during TennoCon, [SPOILER ALERT] Warframes are actually controlled by orphaned Tenno children called Operators. Since then, we have made many efforts, as has the Community, to keep it as secret as possible, but now we are sharing the story, helping everyone to recover and prepare for the New War. Since the secret is out, we designed a large diorama at our relay event to celebrate this occasion by visualizing the relationship between Tenno and his Warframes.

Simultaneous Game Updates On All Platforms with Cross-Play

With Cross Save and Cross Play, World Warframe Better Connects Players Together For Online Cooperative Action.

We want Warframe content to be available to every player, no matter what platform or country, at the same time. For Xbox players, they can now play the same day as PCs and other HD consoles. Going forward, all future content – including the New War – will be launched simultaneously.

We also want players to have the ability to matchmake quickly and enjoy the excitement and excitement of cooperative online action. The world at stake will be more alive, with more people connected to play, chat, and more … We have so many planets and so many game modes, allowing the cross game to bring players together, increasing the population to cover the entire Spread System of Origin with unparalleled action.

Cross Save for Pick-Up and Play Progression on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Warframe is now an intergenerational online game that began with Xbox One and has been updated and advanced with the next generation capabilities of Xbox Series X | S. Warframe it’s a great game. We’ve been together for 8 great years so far, and we know that our players enjoy other great games and that they don’t just play one game all the time. Some players may have an older account from a different platform or console. With the introduction of cross save, players of all platforms will be able to continue playing without interruption where and when they choose. Players can literally pick up and play from where they left off, however long ago it may be, and regardless of what platform they were on.

We demonstrated cross play and cross save during TennoLive but it is still actively under development. When it’s ready for release, players can jump in again Warframe and continued his cinematic journey through the plot of the New War.


See you in Warframe, Tenno!

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Fighting factions brought the System of Origin to the forefront of destruction. Join the Tenno and defend an expanding universe. Transfer the tactical abilities of your Warframe, craft a multitude of devastating weapons and define your style of play to become an unstoppable force in this genre-defining shooter-shooter. Your Warframe is waiting, Tenno.

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