Talking Sword And Stables Needed To Pay The Pokémon Company $ 150K Each


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In 2019, The Pokémon Company International filed a lawsuit against two individuals who filtered images of Pokémon Sword and Shield from an unpublished strategy guide prior to the official release of the new games.

It seems that justice has at last was served – with the two defendants ordered to pay The Pokémon Company $ 150,000 USD each for damages and attorney’s fees. It turns out that the defendants worked for a company that had been hired to print the strategy guide. They took the pictures on the job and then distributed them online via Discord.


At the time, legal representation from the Pokémon Company said it caused it “irreparable damage” to the brand and undermined the excitement and interest carefully cultivated for the new games. The loss itself revealed Gigantamax forms, evolutions and even more.

You can read the full court documents here.


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