Talking Point: What are you playing this Weekend? (June 19)

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E3 2021 is finally over, and we are still digesting the ins-and-outs of all the ads. Nintendo’s live presentation offers a bit of something for everyone, from the return of smaller scale fan preferences to fresh peeks to Breath of the Wild 2 (even without proper title), not to mention A NEW 2D METROID COMPLETELY out of the blue! Good times.

Now it’s time to relax a bit and discuss our weekend game plans. A few marms of the Nintendo Life team have done just below, so feel free to read our posts and then join us on your own via our comments section. Enjoy!

Editor’s note: Don’t like Metroid? A little washing for you this week, I’m afraid. Sorry!…

Ryan Craddock, news editor

With all Metroid Dread turning hype – especially in the Nintendo Life team’s online chats – a few of us realized we wouldn’t like it more than revisit Metroid 1 to 4 to prepare for the big release later this year.

As such, I hope to get some time with the original Metroid this weekend and will launch the trusty NES Classic to make it right. I’ve never played it before and I’m afraid it will overwhelm me, so part of me wants to have a copy of their GBA remake, Mission Zero, to give me a sweeter experience. Still, I’m looking forward to finally giving the series a nice shake!

Thomas Whitehead, Deputy

I played a few games last week, for obvious reasons, so I plan to return History of Golf back. It’s fascinating, fun and extremely refreshed to play. I also want to take it FAR: Lone sails on sale; I had the intention of playing it and the excellent E3 revelation of its next sequence was a timely recollection.

As for the 4K whiz-bang the game will try back to return to Resident Evil: Village. It’s also possible that it will come out of Wii U for some Metroid: Zero Mission; yes, like many others, I plan a “traditional race” through the games, even if the better version of each game.


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