Talking Point: What are you playing this Weekend? (July 10)

Another week, another added to the Nintendo Switch family. Yeah, we’ve all had a little drop of post-E3 surprises (the surprise can be a little generous, to be honest) in the form of the OLED Switch announcement. It has provoked a variety of reactions from existing Switch owners and Nintendo fans, though no one is as passionate as the answer to PokéGymDad playing its Switch in the corridor, look like. Oh, it is Donkey Kong is 40 years old, as well. Good week.

It’s time for thenwind a bit and discuss our weekend game plans. A few marms of the Nintendo Life team have done just below, so feel free to read our posts and then join us on your own via our comments section. Enjoy!

Ryan Craddock, news editor

After a couple of super-busy weeks at home, I hope to finally get back to enjoying a game or two this weekend (albeit surrounded by boxes, bags, and all sorts of spices throwing the floor), and for me, it means it’s finally time to check Mario Golf: Super Rush.

I took it at the launch but just didn’t get a chance to get stuck; I grabbed it for the first time last night to discover that epic opening cutscene, and I played through some of the practical stuff in adventure mode. Hopefully, once the weekend is over, I will have mastered some of the first holes and helped the good ol ’Yoshi to a well-deserved victory or two. Speed ​​Golf is definitely on the agenda!


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