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  • Learn all about development Legends of Nerf, its storyline and online multiplayer modes from the head of the Fun Labs studio Mihai Preda.
  • Legends of Nerf is a first-person shooter in which you’ll use Nerf blasters in a sci-fi future as a budding contender in the Nerf Trials, a glove-style competition.
  • Legends of Nerf Available Today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Welcome to the world Legends of Nerf! I’m Mihai Preda, head of Fun Labs, and we’re thrilled to create a video game based on one of our favorite toys for kids (and adults, to be honest).

Legends of Nerf is a first person shooter in which you’ll use Nerf blasters in a sci-fi future. You are an up-and-coming competitor in the Nerf Trials, a glove-style competition in which blasters are reinforced. The blasters are up-to-date and enjoyable to use, and your goal is to traverse the winding tracks to defeat robots, puzzles, and ultimately the Nerf Masters. The story focuses on the idea of ​​proving your ability to handle blasters and making it to the end of the competition to fight the mysterious Grand Master. This will earn you the grand prize – the title of Nerf Legend.

We took inspiration from blasters to incorporate some of the unique gameplay elements. For example, anyone who has played with a Nerf blaster before knows that this will eventually lead to your floor being littered with Styrofoam darts. We liked this concept of the game, and it is realistic: when you shoot darts in the game, they fly over the ground and you have to quickly pick them up to replenish your ammo. The idea of ​​exploding and picking up darts makes for some interesting strategy games. For example, when opponents shoot at you, they basically give you ammo that you can pick up and shoot, and vice versa.

We’ve also looked for inspiration not only from real Nerf blaster games, but other video games as well. We have quite a few people in the studio who play all sorts of shooters and other games. No game was a direct source of inspiration for our work in Legends of Nerfbut the FPS genre offers many great games to consider.

Legends of Nerf

We also have tons of unique game mechanics that you don’t often see in other FPS games. Early on in prototyping, someone came up with the idea of ​​adding bouncing trampoline-like bouncers and everyone loved it right away. We played around with this mechanic a bit. Sometimes they are used simply to jump to higher platforms or another part of the level, and sometimes they are used in puzzles. For example, imagine trying to hit opponents or other targets while jumping in the air, or using a jump pad to jump into the middle of the action. This gameplay eventually led to the idea of ​​flipping the trampoline on its side, and we created what we call accelerators. Boosters propel you like a cannonball through the level, and therefore it has become a whole new way of thinking about passing. These mechanics, in turn, inspired us to design some of our levels.

In many ways, blasters are the stars of the game, but there is no template for how the Nerf universe should look and feel, and that gave us a lot of freedom to move in some interesting directions. V Legends of Nerf You climb castle walls, run bays filled with futuristic Viking ships, catapult between rocks in the jungle mountains, zip through a giant spaceport, and more. There is so much variety on the levels and none of them are taken too seriously. For us, it was all about the joy factor and creating levels where it was fun to use blasters. We hope that players will be surprised and delighted with this.

Legends of Nerf

Legends of Nerf has a full-fledged single-player campaign, but there are also many online multiplayer modes. Solo Nerf Out and Team Nerf Out is our deathmatch and team fight, but without death. Players in the game are marked after defeat, hence the name. Nerf Siege is our king of the hill play mode as well as the Golden Dart mode. Golden Dart is similar to capture the flag but has an interesting twist. This is a team play mode in which players score by tagging other players, but the team scores points if they capture a golden dart and use it to detonate and hit a target that moves around the map. The player carrying the golden dart loses the dart if fired or tagged, so teammates must try to protect them.

The Nerf brand and Nerf blasters are truly the perfect toy for adapting to video games. We’ve tried our best to stay true to the core values ​​of Nerf and heighten all the fun of blaster play in real life while breaking boundaries to create an enhanced Nerf experience that wouldn’t be possible in real life. We look forward to the opportunity to jump online and play Legends of Nerf with you!

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NERF Legends immerses you in a futuristic sci-fi world where you will face legions of robot enemies and unrivaled boss masters. Armed with a wide range of NERF blasters based on their legendary real-world counterparts, you’ll face formidable foes while performing the most impressive stunt shots from above in a series of unique and immersive environments. Are you ready to become a NERF legend?

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