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  • Pre-order the new action-car racing game for February 25th.
  • More information on the new modes and methods of racing.
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We appeal to all fans of racing thrills! We have a special date that you can circle on your calendar …

We are so pleased to announce that Grid legends Launches Feb 25, 2022 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S with smart shipping included. In just a couple of months, you will have the clues to the latest chapter of the revered racing franchise, bigger and better with new modes, new experiences and more cars and locations than ever before.

Xbox players can pre-order Grid legends Now, choice from standard game or Deluxe Edition, with the latter entitling you to additional content on launch day and instant access to four huge post-launch extensions. Whichever version you choose, pre-order Grid legends brings you the exclusive Seneca & Ravenwest Dual Pack, featuring cars, events and personalized content. So, pre-order and take your spot on Net come on February 25th.

Grid Legends: Unparalleled Motorsport

Okay, this is important news and official news. What we Indeed wanted to tell you what makes Grid legends out of the package. For almost 25 years, right up to the times Tourist cars TOCAThe Grid series succeeded on the track. We all strive to deliver instant sensations and iconic racing moments for everyone who wants to jump into an awesome car and step on the pedal louder. With Grid legends, we believe that this approach is not only supported – it has risen one step further.

Immerse yourself in the feeling of racing at the highest speeds, in the most incredible cars in the world, through stunning locations, with action and drama wherever you look. Every race in Grid legends Here you will find amazing moments and gameplay designed to deliver you the heady feeling of motorsport all the time. Whether it’s a serious collision to dodge, daring overtaking through a night storm, jumping off a ramp in a huge truck, or swapping paint with Nemesis. Grid legends lives on memorable moments on the track. Compete on the edge, create new rivalries, fight for glory and enjoy the atmosphere of exhilarating racing.

More racing variety than ever

To get this racing experience, you will be able to choose from different types of races and variety of vehicles that are at your fingertips. V Grid legendswe have expanded both of these areas to provide even more choice and unpredictability. Joining your traditional circuit and point-to-point races are new and recurring modes that heighten the drama and action – like Eliminate, where the slowest riders are gradually removed from the race until one of the riders is left standing (or, well,). We’re introducing Boost races for the electric vehicle classes, in which drivers can walk through the “gates” on the track to gain a boost so players can turn around tactically. There is also a special drift competition coming back that will force you to seriously step aside and tie these slides together to score a huge score.

Grid legends

To make these events really sing, you need a large but carefully thought-out list of cars – and this is exactly what you need. Grid legends brings. Scattered across nine distinct categories and over half a century of racing, our selection of cars is every thrill-seeker’s dream. From modern motorsport champions to classic American tuners and JDM tuners, one-seaters, big trucks, trucks, electric hypercars, legendary prototypes and more. So a lot more, Grid legends The list of machines is killer, no filler. Upgrade, visually customize and customize them all to create a racing dream garage, ready for whatever incredible events we throw at you.

Grid Legends Race Creator: Create The Perfect Race

Indeed, there will be hundreds of customized events in different modes, but we know that this is simply not enough. Using Grid Legends’ A racing creator, players can design the motorsport of their dreams with all the cars, classes, event types and locations at their disposal.

Set the weather conditions, race distance and the number of cars on the track, and also bump cars of different categories against each other in a truly insane race. If you want hot hatchbacks with big cars in the background, in the snow, on the streets of London for 50 laps, go for it! Create something truly unique and save it to return to the game at any time – or use the randomizer and see what chaotic events loom.

Grid legends

The races you create are not just for you. Host your own events online and race with your friends or the rest of the world to see if they can beat you on your creation. With online cross-platform play available on consoles and PCs, you have more potential opponents to compete against than ever before, and almost unlimited possibilities in the events in which you fight.

Follow the official Net Twitter and Instagram channels in the next few days to take a first look at Grid legends an unfinished gameplay that will give you a thrilling motorsport experience on February 25th. We’ll also share more about additional features and modes in the coming weeks, including Careers, New Online Innovations, and Terrestrial Technologies. violation of the regime of virtual production. Buckle up, racers – we’re just getting started!

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