Tails Of Iron Receives ‘Bloody Whiskers’ Expanded Free DLC

Since its release in September, there have been many positive reviews around it. Iron Tails, an addictive RPG in which you play as a heroic rat king on a quest to reclaim his throne. It has an engaging art style and great user reviews (along with loud endorsements from the NL team couple), and now has a hefty free update expanding the game.

Called Bloody Mustache, it adds a storyline questline in which you have to fight 5 challenging bosses, two new rooms to unlock in the Fortress, six weapon skins and five armor skins. In addition, he adds two difficulty modes: “Bloody Mustache” is a very difficult option, and at the other end of the scale is “Fairy Tail” which is “intended for those looking for a story-driven experience.”

So all said, there is a good variety and the game should be more accessible and fun, whether you want to challenge the controller or something simpler. On top of that, there is currently a 25% discount on the game in the online store in North America and the EU, should you be tempted to join.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to check it out.

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