Switch Online N64 update available (version 2.9.0), here’s what’s included

Image: Nintendo Life

Today, Nintendo updated its Switch Online N64 library with GoldenEye 007. It also updated the app to version 2.9.0 – so what’s changed?

As you probably already know, the video game giant doesn’t usually share patch notes about these app updates. Fortunately, a well-known dataminer BuntingDome is in the works – revealing everything this latest update has to offer.

Here’s a rundown that mostly focuses on GoldenEye 007, but there’s also a nod to previous releases of Mario Party and Mario Party 2. “Gongs and Jammers” is also featured in Q Watch. Here’s the full rundown:

[NSO – Nintendo 64] – Released version 2.9.0.

– Added GoldenEye 007.
– No matchmaking – if you want to play online, you need to create a lobby and invite your friends to join.
– No “modern” controls like the Xbox version.
– Q Watch music has gong and interference.

– The ROM used is different from all known GoldenEye 007 ROMs in the No-Intro database.

– Precompiled binaries for Mario Party and Mario Party 2 have been updated, details unknown.

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