Switch N64 controller hides some extra buttons

Image: Nintendo

A new image of the upcoming Switch N64 Wireless Panel reveals that it has a few extra buttons on top.

As our friends noticed in VGC, at the top of the device are the ZR, Home and Share buttons, as well as a USB-C port and a sync button. There are also four LEDs, which is the norm for Switch controllers.

The Mega Drive / Genesis controller also has additional buttons at the top, as you can see in the tweet below. There is also a Mode button, which is curious as it was only included in the 6-button Mega Drive controller at the time and allowed players to switch between 3 and 6-button modes for those games that ran into problems with the latter. …

It was confirmed this week that N64 games will arrive on Nintendo Switch Online alongside Mega Drive / Genesis titles. It has also been reported that in Europe some N64 games will run at 50Hz instead of 60Hz.

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