Switch is most popular among 22-year-olds, Nintendo says

Image: Zion Grassle/Nintendo Life

Nintendo has released a breakdown of their financial results briefing (hosted by Shuntaro Furukawa himself), and one of the stats is a pretty interesting look at the age distribution of Switch players.

As you can see in the image below, there is a fairly wide range of Switch users ranging from one year olds to sixty and up. What especially interesting, however, is that there is a fairly significant spike of twenty-two years before it drops again from twenty-three and over.

Switch age range
Image: Nintendo

In terms of why this might be the case, we assume that many twenty-two year olds essentially met Nintendo during the DS and Wii era, and we all know that both of these systems sold like hotcakes in their day. lifespan!

Not to mention you have hit games like Animal Crossing: Wild World, nintendodogsand from well – Wii Sports, and you have a whole bunch of new Nintendo fans who will no doubt stay with the company in the Wii U era and on the Switch itself.

However, it’s great to see so many people of all ages enjoying the greatness of the Switch!

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